naiad 中文意思是什麼

naiad 解釋
n. 名詞 (pl. naiads, naiades )1. 【希、羅神】水精,水仙女。
2. 女游泳者。
3. 【蟲類】稚蟲。

  1. Preliminary study on biology of newborn, naiad, and scrod sterlets and larval breeding technology

  2. Provided with a case of pencils, and some sheets of paper, i used to take a seat apart from them, near the window, and busy myself in sketching fancy vignettes, representing any scene that happened momentarily to shape itself in the ever - shifting kaleidoscope of imagination : a glimpse of sea between two rocks ; the rising moon, and a ship crossing its disk ; a group of reeds and water - flags, and a naiad s head, crowned with lotus - flowers, rising out of them ; an elf sitting in a hedge - sparrow s nest, under a wreath of hawthorn - bloom