nonlinear coupler 中文意思是什麼

nonlinear coupler 解釋
  • nonlinear : 非線性的
  • coupler : n. 1. 連結者,配合者。2. 聯結器;【無線電】耦合器;【鐵路】車鉤;【攝影】發色劑;【音樂】(風琴上連結兩組鍵盤的)聯奏器。
  1. Nonlinear directional coupler ( nldc ) is a switch used in optical network. w. s. man had studied transmission controlling with ground state soliton through nldc, it is obviously not available to used in superhigh speed network ; and mary j. potasek had studied the self - coupling with ultrashort solitons in nldc, self - coupling is difficult to control the signal transmitting. i has studied the transmission controlling with ultrashort solitons ( < 100fs ) in nldc, similarly i use a controlling pulse to control the signal pulse, it is the intensity of controlling pulse to decide the signal change its direction or not

    非線性定向耦合器( nldc )是用在光網路中的光開關器件,它主要用在全光網路中, w . s . man等研究過基態孤子在nldc中的傳輸控制,便於對全光網路中數據的正確傳輸,由於目前研究集中在100fs的超短脈沖傳輸特性上,顯然基態孤子的特點不再適用於超高速網路; maryj . potasek等就超短脈沖在nldc中的自耦合做了研究,在光網路中自耦合任意性太大,不利於控制脈沖的傳輸。
  2. Considering joint clearances at both ends of the coupler, a continuous contact model is developed by modeling clearance as a massless rigid link. a set of strongly nonlinear equations is obtained by using angle displacement of clearances in kinematic pairs as generalized coordinates. four order rong - kutta method is adopted to solve the dynamical equations of continuous contact model