person with no legal capacity 中文意思是什麼

person with no legal capacity 解釋
  • person : n 1 人;個人。2 〈蔑稱〉傢伙。3 容貌;身體,人身;人格;本人,自身。4 (戲劇、小說的)人物;〈常...
  • with :
  • no : adj 1 〈加在單數名詞前,相當于冠詞 a an 的否定形式〉(一個也)沒有。 Is there a book on the table...
  • legal : adj. 1. 法律(上)的。2. 法定的,合法的,正當的。3. 【宗教】按照摩西律法的。n. 1. 法定權利。2. 依法必須登報的聲明。3. 〈pl. 〉 儲蓄銀行[信託公司]可以用來投資的證券。
  • capacity : n 1 包容力,吸收力,收容力。2 容積,容量;【電學】電容,負載量。3 能力,才幹,本領;性能,機能。4...
  1. Person with no legal capacity

  2. Article 57 any person with no legal capacity to engage in litigation shall have his guardian or guardians as statutory agents to act for him in a lawsuit

  3. The effect of death declaration canot terminate the capacity for civil rights of the natural person in private law, but a part of civil legal relationship in a certain time terminates, and this has no relation with public law