ring holes 中文意思是什麼

ring holes 解釋
  • ring : n 1 圈,環,輪;戒指,指環,耳環,鼻圈,鐲子(等);【運】吊環。2 輪狀物;【植物;植物學】年輪;...
  • holes : 安裝孔
  1. Flat wire stopper ring for holes

  2. In case that the rolling bearings with no inner ring or outer ring and without inner and outer rings ars selected, the sueface haedness of the holes or housing holes as race, the working accuracy and surface quality shall be similar with the race of bearing rings in order to guarantee that loading capacity and operating performance are identical with the bearings equipped with rings

  3. A discussion has been done on the limit width of double holes, moment holes, circular ring and disc so that the coefficients of light sources are calculated

    摘要分析了雙孔(雙縫) 、矩孔(線) 、圓環及圓盤光源的極限寬度,計算出這些光源的光源系數。