river (channel)deposit 中文意思是什麼

river (channel)deposit 解釋
  • river : n 1 河,江。 Rriver Thames 或 the R Thames 泰晤士河; the Hudson R 〈美國〉哈得孫河。 the Rriver ...
  • channel : n 1 水路,水道,渠,溝;海峽;河床,河底。2 (柱等的)槽,凹縫;【機械工程】槽鐵,凹形鐵。3 〈比...
  • deposit : vt 1 放置,安置。2 使淤積,使沉澱。3 儲蓄。4 付保證金。5 寄存,委託保管。6 (把硬幣)放入(自動售...
  1. First, according to measured data and literature, the river channel evolution rule and its reasons in the southern branch of the yangtze river are discussed from the perspectives of historic evolution, recent evolution and the tendency prediction of river channel evolution. besides, the local reservoir has been studied from the changes in thalweg and section as well as the calculation of local erosion and deposit. consequently, the stability and feasibility of reservoir construction in the river section are approved

  2. The sediments of the incised valleys show an upward - fining succession, and can be grouped into four sedimentary fades : gravel lag - deposit of in - channel to partly over bank sediments of a meandering river, flood plain - estuary, estuary - shallow marine, and estuary sand bar, based on lithology, paleontology, and sedimentary textures and structures