saturation recovery 中文意思是什麼

saturation recovery 解釋
  • saturation : n. 1. 浸透,浸潤。2. 充滿;飽和。3. 【化學】飽和(狀態)。4. 飽和劑。5. 【物理學】磁性飽和。6. 【色】濃度,章度。7. 【商業】(市場的)飽和供應,足量供應。
  • recovery : n. 1. 重獲;復得;恢復,收回,回收。2. 還原,復原;痊癒;蘇生;矯正。3. 回縮。4. 填地。5. 【法律】勝訴。
  1. The bv, pv, al, a2, tk, vr, hct, hr, hl, blood oxygen saturation were measured at rest, post - exercise immediately, 15min, 30 min respectively. two different modes of recovery after incremental exercise were compared

    兩組都於安靜時、運動后即刻、運動后15min 、 30min各取靜脈血約4ml ,其中3ml用於血液流變學指標的測定,剩餘血液用於制備電鏡塗片和血乳酸的測定。
  2. The theoretical expression of saturation recovery coefficient under the strong equilibrium and nonequililrium has been obtained

  3. The present invention utilizes an assisted beam that could improve the recovery rate and the saturation power of the soa wavelength converter

  4. Compared with slowest recovery of erythrocyte rheology at phsio - rest state, fastest recovery velocity of erythrocyte rheology was observed when breathing 70 % oxygen after exercise. and the change tendency of erythrocyte rheology was exactly adverse to that of blood oxygen saturation

  5. Under controlled soil water status, the theoretical water niche of c. smyrnioides was saturate and moderate soil water status ; chuanminshen violaceion was moderate, while a. sylvestri was the most broad, and adapted well from saturation to 20 % water sattus. the photosynthesis of one - year - old and two - year - old c. smyrnioides was higher in saturate and moderate than that of in dry, the recovery of photosynthesis in dry condition was weak when they watered to saturation. the photosynthesis of one - year - old c. violaceum was higher in moderate than in two others ; two - year - old was higher in saturate and moderate than in dry, the former two had little difference