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  1. In addition, mr. karlin received 12 emmy nominations and won an emmy for best original score for the landmark tv drama, the autobiography of miss jane pittman, starring famed actress cicely tyson. other movies he has scored include yours, mine, and ours, starring lucille ball and henry fonda, michael crichton s westworld, loving couples starring shirley maclaine and susan sarandon, future world starring yul brynner, the stalking moon starring gregory peck, and many others

  2. Roberts portrayal of a strong - headed pizza parlor waitress who seduces a wealthy preppie earned her acclaim, and led to her role in 1989 s steel magnolias. as the doomed shelby, roberts played opposite sally field, shirley maclaine and dolly parton and earned an oscar nomination for her portrayal

    之後鋼木蘭花steel magnolias 1989一片使羅伯茨功成名就,她扮演了一個患糖尿病卻與病魔不懈斗爭的年青女子,為此她獲得了金球獎最佳女配角和奧斯卡最佳女配角的提名。
  3. Shirley maclaine, in her shoes

  4. Shirley maclaine in her shoes