short-half-life 中文意思是什麼

short-half-life 解釋
  • short : n 蕭特〈姓氏〉。adj 1 短的;短暫的。 (opp long)。2 矮的;低的 (opp tall)。3 短期的。4 簡短的...
  • half : n (pl halves )1 半,一半;一部分。2 半小時;半英里;半品脫;半價票;〈美國〉半美元;半學年,一學期。...
  • life : n (pl lives)1 生命,性命。2 一生;壽命;【原子能】(亞原子粒子的)生命期;使用期限,耐久性。3 ...
  1. The hi - technology company where resource fast mobile and combined, life cycle of the product or price change are half of year or a few months, it require all the elements including cash and technology, vendor , manufacturers and customers, should combine quickly and the product r & d period form lab to market should be short then the company can get opportunity win the competition all of those need the company deploy the supply chain to response the market demand quickly this article study scm deployment of the maipu communication company using scm theory study the scm current status and analyze the virtual manufacture of cisco, integrated scm system of huawei technology focus on the maipu current status, research the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat. analyze the issues including the demand plan, supply chain integration and strategy combine, product design, information technology and mis. base on this, submitting the resolution to the demand plane restructure, supply vendor estimation and the supply issue during r & d, also provide the selection of scm products for maipu, those research is valuable for other hi - technology companies

  2. Prostate ( pgi2 ) is stronger blood vessels and the expansion of the role of platelet inhibition, but because of the short half - life, performance instability, clinical efficacy not sure

    前列腺環素( pgi2 )具有更強的擴張血管和抑制血小板作用,但因其半衰期短,性能不穩定,臨床應用療效不肯定。
  3. It has a rather short half - life of 138 days