state of starting operating 中文意思是什麼

state of starting operating 解釋
  • state : n 1 〈常作 S 〉國,國家;〈通例作 S 〉(美國、澳洲的)州;〈the States〉 美國。2 國務,政權,政府...
  • of : OF =Old French 古法語。
  • starting : n. 出發;開始;【機械工程】開動,起動;開車。 at starting 最初,開頭。 starting material 原材料。 starting motor 起動電動機。
  • operating : adj 1 運行的;操作的;工作的。2 關于業務的;營業上的;關于收支的。operating expenses 業務開支;營...
  1. Starting with automation system, this paper, firstly, outlines the status of sensor lying in automation field and its developing state, shows the superiority about eddy current test by comparing it with the other nondestructive tests, expatiates the modern developing state about eddy current technology both here and there, shows the vista about eddy current test in our country and the background of the subject about the test for the width and thickness of stripe in the in - wall of cylinder after laser thermal treatment. secondly, beginning with maxwell equation in electromagnetic field theory and combining with some electromagnetic phenomena in real life, this paper explains qualitatively the operating principle about eddy current technology and the test theory for multi - parameter test with multi - frequency by math illation and gives some applying occasions about it