warding 中文意思是什麼

warding 解釋
  1. Benediction and warding based powers now have focus skill pre - reqs

  2. Excuse me, you warding line of sight for me

  3. And the lion is also an important chinese totem, symbolizing power and courage, and capable of warding off evil spirits

  4. Not only for hiding goods, wind and people but also for warding off evils

  5. Warding files ; lengths, cross sections

  6. This is the “ political price ” that europe feels it has to pay for warding off the chinese

    歐洲認為這是他們需要付出的「政治代價」 ,以避免中國政府的不滿。
  7. Glia, even though they outnumber nerve cells nine to one, were thought to have only a maintenance role : bringing nutrients from blood vessels to neurons, maintaining a healthy balance of ions in the brain, and warding off pathogens that evaded the immune system

  8. Warding files are used by locksmiths for filing ward notches in keys and also by other mechanics for filing narrow slots and in close spaces

  9. The technology of non - contact life - parameter detection has been paid more attention to its breakthroughs in the field of medicine, especially in the field of military medicine. this technology can be used hi the realms of life - parameter detecting, wounded soliders searching and warding at wartime, psychoanalysing and other realms, it also can be used to locate the wounded in earthquake and avalanche

  10. Researchers at the university of queensland said on friday they had successfully trialled a tiger poo repellant, warding off wild goats for at least three days

    據路透社2月17日報道,澳大利亞昆士蘭大學的研究人員17日表示,他們已經通過試驗成功製造出了一種「老虎糞便驅蟲劑」 。
  11. Finally, clinic experiments and evaluation of the accuracy of the blood pressure measurement is processed for further research and application of dynamic blood pressure warding

  12. It started as a way of warding off evil spirits, with the dolls acting as a charm

  13. Making a serious analysis of the cultures of life from confucianism, buddhism and taoism, and absorbing the essence and discarding the dross, can not only bring about a theoretical significance in academy, but be practically important to establishing a well - off society, warding off diseases, building up the people ' s health and improving the quality of life

  14. These are significant entry barriers for warding off competition.