white paper 中文意思是什麼

white paper 解釋

  • white : n 懷特〈姓氏〉。adj 1 白(色)的,雪白的;白晰的,帶白色的;蒼白的。2 白種人的。3 銀制的;白衣的...
  • paper : n 1 紙;裱墻紙。2 報紙,報。3 收據;債券;證券;票據;匯票;鈔票(=paper money)。4 〈pl 〉身份...
  1. Catherine employed herself in wrapping a handsome book neatly in white paper, and having tied it with a bit of ribband, and addressed it to mr hareton earnshaw, she desired me to be her ambassadress, and convey the present to its destined recipient

    凱瑟琳忙著用白紙把一本漂亮的書整整地包起來,用一條緞帶紮起來,寫著送交「哈里頓恩蕭先生」 ,她要我作她的特使,把這禮物交給指定的接受者。
  2. Each mourner wore a black armband and a white paper chrysanthemum

  3. Test methods for pigments - part 4 : hiding power - black and white paper chart method

  4. White paper as well as three normative specifications

  5. More details on mpeg21 rel can be found in a white paper. 3

  6. It is wrapped in white paper and sealed with a dab of red sealing-wax by a clever chemist.

  7. The single window is covered with white paper.

  8. When i came to undo the package i was surprised to see the forms of some of the letters distinctly printed on the white paper.

  9. A white paper from the microsoft antimalware team

  10. Youth and white paper take any impression

  11. Dampen your finger slightly and press it to the white paper

    把手指微微沾? ,按在白紙上。
  12. Microsoft office business scorecard manager 2005 cfo white paper

  13. As a foreign affairs advisor to the president, the first thing to do in his new job was to draft a white paper explaining the government ' s position concerning the crisis in beirut

    (擔任總統外交事務顧問,他上任第一件事是起草一份白皮書表明有關貝魯特危機的政府立場。 )
  14. Indeed, the white paper " working for patients " 16 was premised on the importance of promoting patient choice and the provision of services based on the expressed wishes of patients

    事實上,為病人服務的白皮書報告是以提升病人的選擇為前提,而且服務的提供也是以病人表達的意願為依歸16 。
  15. So he went on his own fact - finding mission, leaning heavily on a 49 - page white paper submitted last month by three anonymous hightech firms

  16. Beijing - a white paper on " china ' s efforts and achievements in promoting the rule of law " was issued on thursday by the information office of the state council, the cabinet

  17. This paper focuses the simulation research on regeneration process of dpf, which is nearly a piece of white paper in china presently

  18. The american chamber of commerce tuesday issues a tough " white paper " on piracy violations and practices in china

  19. Our school themes must be written in ink and on white paper

  20. Yellow cardboard, red strawboard, pvc board, white paper board, kraft paper, fiber board, rubber board, etc