yamato 中文意思是什麼

yamato 解釋
n. 名詞 〈日語〉 大和民族(的一員)。
adj. 形容詞 大和民族的。

  1. From chinese literati painting to japanese yamato - e, from romanticism to dadaism, different forms of art serve as the instrumentality to educate the public

  2. Like heartbeats, drumbeats are the very pulse of life. using a variety of traditional japanese percussion and string instruments, yamato celebrate the beauty of life. from thunderous roars of the o - daiko to willowy wails of the tsugaru shamisen, their music is bound to touch the very core of your soul and stir the many emotions inside your heart. so fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride around this rhythmic soundscape

  3. The influence of japanese yamato - e on french impressionism drawing

  4. It ' s made by yamato no kami yasusada

  5. 6. the yamato court and the spread of kofun tumuli

    6 .大和朝廷和古代墓葬的推廣
  6. Kofun tumulus culture and the consolidation of the yamato throne

  7. The origin of japanese yamato people

  8. 7. the yamato court and east asia

    7 .大和朝廷和東亞
  9. There is a good one at vernal yamato in vernal, but it ' s a bit far from here

  10. Currently, the shot from the yamato cannon will still track and hit the protoss stalker

  11. See japan metallurgy industry railroad track scale technology development and application from yamato railroad track scale technology

  12. Famous brands, such as juki. brother, pegasus, pfaff, union special, seiko, yamato and reece. we are proud of our services and self - design products

  13. What happens if a terran battlecruiser targets a protoss stalker with the yamato cannon but the stalker blinks away before the shot is completed

  14. Posting himself on the flag bridge of the giant yamato, he sent a blunt final dispatch to his crew.

  15. We are proud of having some international eminent clients including amf bakery, ellegaard denmark, plastrade germany, yamato - sanko japan, korber germany

  16. Masahiro ohkawa is a staff software engineer at the yamato software development laboratory in japan, where he works as a member of the db2 information integrator development team

    Masahiro ohkawa是日本yamato軟體開發實驗室( ysl )的一名軟體工程師。他是該實驗室中db2信息集成器( db2 information integrator )開發組的一員。
  17. And from japan, yamato s young drummers will rock you with rhythm and the new energies they have added to the traditional wadaiko culture