yamen 中文意思是什麼

yamen 解釋
n. 名詞 〈漢語〉衙門。

  1. Athough the yamen gate is open wide, you still can 't go in if you do n't have the money.

  2. Former yamen building of kowloon walled city kowloon city

  3. On yamen judgement of divorce during yuan dynasty

  4. A preliminary study of the system of county yamen runners in the song dynasty

  5. Former yamen building of kowloon walled city

  6. Former yamen building of kowloon walled city kowloon walled city park, kowloon city

  7. On the dependence of yamen south on yamen north in the middle and late of tang dynasty

  8. The yamen building, a three - hall structure, was originally the administrative office of the assistant magistrate of kowloon

  9. When yang hears suzhen s tearful plight, he is so sympathetic that he tears the contract of sale and petitions for her to seek justice at the yamen

  10. The village has been named to nga tsin wai village, meaning literally " the walled village in front of the yamen ( chinese government office ) "

  11. Other tourists attractions are baishuidai park, chen baisha memorial hall, cha an monastery, islet of ancient ape, and hongsheng memorial temple in jiangmen, yamen fort, ciyuan temple of yashan hills, former residence of liang qichao ( 1873 - 1929 ), chishi tourist scenic spot and mount gudou in xinhui, mount shihua in taishan, mount liangjin in kaiping and peak ao feng in enping

  12. The garden is divided into different landscaped areas and there are relics such as the yamen building, stone tablets, a cannon and column bases

  13. The prototype of the muyou retainer was the zhuwen, a position which evolved from that of the experienced clerks in the yamen but who had a position higher than the shusuan and assisted the magistrate in handling punishments and treasury matters

    縣官幕友的雛形是「主文」 ,是以衙門中積年書手演變而來的,地位高於書算,其作用是協助縣官處理刑名、錢谷一類的政務。
  14. The broad application of gps technique in survey, vessel positioning, and real - time monitoring of yamen 5000 dwt seaward waterway dredging engineering is discussed

  15. It enters the south china sea to the west of hong kong through eight outlets : yamen ; hutiaomen ; jitimen ; modaomen ; hengmen ; hongqimen ; jiaomen and humen. the four latter outlets are located just west of hong kong and drain into the pearl river estuary lingding bay

  16. All results of analyzing, calculating and wind tunnel test indicate the vibration of yamen bridge pylon were rather serious, so it is necessary to control the wind - induced responses during construction

  17. The study on the buffeting responses and damping measures of bridge pylon during construction, including the flowing parts that were the theory of buffeting wind - induced responses, calculation of the buffeting responses of yamen bridge pylon, the theory of vibration control, the tunnel test study on buffeting responses and damping measures of yamen bridge pylon

  18. In the paper, the wind environment was investigated, at the same time the buffeting responses on the top of yamen bridge pylon under wind were calculated

  19. The results of the wind tunnel test, which were made to research the effect of tmd indicates the tmd was suitable and useful for yamen bridge pylon tower

  20. Tian s messenger happens to stay in an inn operated by a former clerk of the yamen, by the name of song shijie, who was fired from his position