carrying trestle中文意思是什麼

carrying trestle解釋

  • carrying: adj. 1. 裝載的。2. 運送的,運輸的。n. 1. 運送,運輸。2. 【紡織;印染】墊紗,給線。
  • trestle: n. 支架;臺架;【建築】高架橋,棧橋〈又叫 trestle bridge〉; 棧架。

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  1. Four aspects are summed up : construction of new plantation production system according to the market ' s demand ; formation of industrial advantage by developing region agriculture, scale management and specialized production level ; change from the direct trade to processing trade of agricultural products ; attaching great importance to barley production, thus promoting the development of feed processing and food industrial. in the fourth chapter, the dissertation poses some necessary measures of the adjustment and escalation of hubei rural industrial structure. it mainly includes : deepening the property right system reform of rural land ; blazing new trails in the system ; reforming the rural science and technology mamgement system ; enhancing macroscopic regulation ; carrying out the cities and towns strategy ; reconstructing the structure of the agricultural development according to the comparative advantage law

  2. The fifth part is on the careful thinking and rational advisement of carrying out inquiry learning in senior biology teaching

  3. The best optimum mathematical model is constituted. scalar factor of structural parameter on loop rectangular negative pressure and adsorption slide is calculated. structural parameter, air gas source pressure carrying capacity and thickness of air cell are made sure by hydrodynamics and the theory of gas lubrication

  4. Based on the analysis of mechanism for joint region, the " frame - wall " and " aslope compression stub column " mechanical models and yielding patterns of core zone of the joints are set up. the shear load - carrying formulation for joint core zone is also given in terms of plastic ultimate analysis. and then, the comparisons between the formulas given in this paper and that of chinese design code ( draft ) and nonlinear fem as well are presented

    對節點核心區的抗剪,通過受力機理的分析,建立了鋼「框架剪力墻」加混凝土「斜壓短受力體系及其屈服機制,根據塑性極限分析,給出了節點核心區抗剪承載力計算的迭加公式, 《規程》公式和非線性有限元近似模擬分析結果進行了比較。
  5. After nearly one year clinical practice, the auth or thought thatin t he course of carrying out systematic holistic nursing care one should pay attent ion to some points as follows : do not take the systematic holistic nursing ca re as doctrine, the holistic nursing care is not all - powerful, and is not a empty frame either, only by changing one ' s viewpoint, drawing into competition system, one can heighten his consciousness of service and ensure the effectiven ess of carrying out the systematic holistic nursing care, to perfect manageme nt system, to ensure the quality of holistic nursing care, to pay special att ention to the links of health education, to make out a set of scientific and detailed criterion to evaluate the systematic holistic nursing care, it should b e geared to actual circumstances and give prominence to entirety, foresight and actual effectiveness