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  • cell: n 1 小室,單室;隔間,艙;〈詩〉茅舍;(單個的)蜂窩,蜂房。2 〈詩〉墓穴,墓。3 (大修道院附屬的...
  • current: adj. 1. 通用的,流行的。2. 現在的,現時的,當時的。3. 流暢的;草寫的。n. 1. 水流;氣流;電流。2. 思潮,潮流;趨勢,傾向。3. 進行,過程。
  • efficiency: n. 1. 功效。2. 效率;效能;實力,能力。3. 【物理學】性能。

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  1. ( i ) in the procession of preparing na2feo4 by electrolyzing and oxidizing anodic iron in the high concentration solution of naoh, the current efficiency is directly proportional to both of the temperature and the alkaline concentration of the anolyte, and the growth rate of the na2feo4 concentration of anolyte is directly proportional to both of the electrolyzing speed and the alkaline concentration of anolyte.,

    主要結論如下: ( 1 )在濃naoh溶液中直流電解氧化鐵陽極生成na _ 2feo _ 4溶液的過程中,電解液溫度、陽極液堿濃度與電流效率成正函數關系;電解速度、陽極液堿濃度與陽極液中na _ 2feo _ 4濃度的增長速度成正函數關系。
  2. This includes that transaction quantity has been increasing but current efficiency is low, price difference has been reducing but still big, transaction location possesses arrangement but transaction quantity fasten on the ibbm and that transaction variety is increased but no diversification. ( 4 ) the thesis deep - seated probes into the reasons of the mobility problem. in reality, the reasons include illogical interest rate mechanism, lacking the medi - organization, inappropriate structure of bondholders, impercipient market main body, and macro - economic condition etc. all of them limit the mobility of ibbm

    ( 4 )本文認為產生流動性問題的主要原因在於:利率機製作用不合理,即發行利率機制不合理和一級市場與二級市場利率不對稱;交易中介機構欠缺,即做市商制度不完善和經紀人制度缺乏;市場主體結構不合理,即參與者結構不合理和債券持有者結構不合理;市場主體對市場認識不足,即商業銀行和其他市場主體對市場認識不足;宏觀經濟環境等。
  3. The results show that by using the brightener, current efficiency is improved and bright, corrosion resistant zinc deposits are obtained at a wide current density range

  4. The action of the combined brightener was studied by hull cell test, the determination of cathodic current efficiency and polarization curves

  5. Alcl3 + lialh4 system conforms to the relation of current efficiency and cur rent density of complex electrolysis lead to uniform distribution at cathode plate

    Alcl _ 3 + lialh _ 4體系符合絡合物電解中電流效率與電流密度的關系,使鋁鍍層在陰極上的分佈趨于均勻。