colliculocochleunuclear projection中文意思是什麼

colliculocochleunuclear projection解釋

  • projection: n 1 射出,投擲,發射,噴射。2 投射;投影,投影法;(地圖)投影圖製法;【電影】放映。3 凸出;凸出...
  • nuclear: adj 1 核的,成核的;有核的。2 【物理學】原子核的;原子能的;原子彈的;核動力的。3 〈比喻〉核心的...

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  1. Projection algorithm is presented as follows : first, characterize the reference image and the float image and turn into binary images ; then, project the binary images onto the abscissa and y - axis and get the projection vectors ; last, according to the elements of the vectors, the rotation and translation parameters were calculated separately

    投影法通過二值化參考圖象和浮動圖象,沿x軸、 y軸投影得到投影向量,然後根據投影向量元素的大小和位置,分別檢測圖象間旋轉、平移運動的大小。
  2. The annual projection was compiled by the uk met office ' s hadley centre, in conjunction with the university of east anglia

  3. Research the horror element antetype system of chinese myth in hunan territory on chin and han dynasty, and use the mature myth antetype system of western to analyse the projection on the eastern mentality by the horror antetype of eastern jin

  4. This is called an azimuthal projection.

  5. Azimuthal equidistant projection