collimated lihgt beam中文意思是什麼

collimated lihgt beam解釋
準直光束, 平行光束

  • collimated: 瞄準的
  • beam: n 1 梁,棟梁,桁條;(船的)橫梁。2 船幅;(動物、人的)體幅。3 (秤)桿,杠桿,(織機的)卷軸,...

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  1. Experimental study on stress property of box beam using grc abnormity internal mold

  2. This can be accomplished using a beam splitter.

  3. As an advanced welding technology of aluminous alloy welding, electron beam welding has become more and more important in manufacturing

  4. In most recent studies, researchers have analyzed aluminum - rich minerals such as anorthite and hibonite using an ion microprobe, which bombards a sample with a focused ion beam to release secondary ions from the sample ' s surface

  5. In optical fiber aspect, the incident beam can be collimated, converted and focused by some kinds of lenses, making the mode of incident beam matched with or near the optical fiber ’ s modes. in this thesis, thorough theoretical analyses and experimental investigations were made for the external optical properties of a 980nm high - power tunnel junction regenerated multi - active - region quantum well stripe - geometry algaas / gaas / ingaas ld and three different stripe - width 980nm high - power

    本論文圍繞本實驗室研發的新型隧道再生多有源區980nmalgaas / gaas / ingaas量子阱大功率半導體激光器和多種條寬的單有源區980nmalgaas / gaas / ingaas量子阱大功率半導體激光器的光場外特性、單模階躍折射率光纖和多模漸變折射率光纖的模場特性進行了深入的理論分析和實驗研究。