complexity of interface中文意思是什麼

complexity of interface解釋

  • complexity: n. 1. 復雜性,復合狀態。2. 復合物;復雜的事物[情況]。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • interface: n. 分界面,兩個獨立體系的相交處。vt. (-faced, -facing) 把界面縫合。vi. 交流,交談。

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  1. We misunderstand the limited nature of news, the illimitable complexity of society; we overestimate our own endurance, public spirit, and all-round competence.

  2. Igts is by means of normalized designing of torpedo ' s main model, standardized and visualized designing of interface, and backing of database technology. the integrated and automatized function of modeling, simulation and statistic comes true in igts

  3. Metabolism is a complexity of chemical reaction.

  4. In order to reduce the programming complexity of practical fuzzy control systems, two matlab application program interface ways to capitalize on the resources of matlab and its fuzzy logic toolbox in c programming environment is discussed. one is the maw engine function library, by which c language starts a matlab course running in the background. another is the stand - alone c - code fuzzy inference engine, by which c language establlshes a fuzzy inference system completely based on the c. both of these can reduce the programming loads of practical fuzzy control system obviously

  5. A certain class of python applications works best with an interactive user interface without the overhead or complexity of a graphical environment

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