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  • conversion: n 1 變換,轉化,轉換;換算,換位。2 (意見、信仰等的)改變〈特指改信基督教〉;(車身,設備等的)...
  • computer: n. 1. 計算者。2. (電子)計算機;計量器。-ism 電子計算機主義〈認為電子計算機萬能等〉。-erite, -nik 計算機專家;計算機工作者。

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  1. Abstract : the conversion from volume flow to mass flow is implemented by using intelligent flow computer with necessary accuracy. the converting method , field wiring and calibration results are introduced concretely

  2. The basic elements of a control system using a digital computer consist of the data - gathering devices which perform analog - to - digital conversion on data form the system which is to be controlled ; the digital computer itself, which performs calculations on the data supplied and makes the necessary decisions ; and the means of communication with, or control over, certain of the elements in the external environment

  3. A quick spectroscopic diagnostic system for the flame temperature is set up in this paper. it consists of an optic imaging system, a scanning system, a dispersive system, a photoelectricity conversion cell, operational amplifiers, a computer - based data collection system and a data processing. the temperature profile varying with the time can be quickly measured by this system

  4. The universal metrical control platform connects the upper computer and the can bus via can communication interface card, actualize the data conversion between can and other kind buses via conversion card

    通用測控平臺通過can通訊介面卡將上位機連接到can總線,使用轉換卡實現can總線介面與profibus 、 rs485 / 422 、 rs232等總線介面之間的數據轉換。
  5. Computer fluid dynamics ( cfd ) is adopted to simulate the flow fields of catalytic converter while researching the working process of emission postprocessor. the velocity field and pressure field of exhaust gas are obtained. methods of structural optimization of catalytic converter for improving gas flow and conversion efficiency are proposed