d region中文意思是什麼

d region解釋
【氣象學】 D 區〈離地球表面約60到90公里高度處的電離層最低部分〉。

  • d:
  • region: n. 1. 地方,地域,地帶;地區;行政區,管轄區,區;左近,鄰近;(大氣、海水等的)層,界,境。2. 【解剖學;動物學】(身體的)局部,部位。3. (學問等的)范圍,領域。4. 〈罕用語〉天空。

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  1. " the immigration department will start accepting applications for new hong kong special administrative region electronic passport hksar e - passport and electronic document of identity e - d i from february 5, " acting director of immigration, mr peh yun - lu, said today january 23

  2. The upstream of yellow river is rich in hydr opower resources and shoul d be listed in the priority development region

  3. The chinese government has decide d to lift restrictions on the aspects of quantity, region, ownership ratio, as well as t he company formation of the foreign capital retail trade within 3 - 5 years from wt o ' s entry, as a result, domestic retail trade will definitely face very big challenge

    在中國政府決定入世后的3 - - 5年內,逐步取消外資零售業在數量、區域、股權比例、企業形態上的限制的情況下,目前國內整體落後的零售業面臨的挑戰與沖擊將是十分巨大的。
  4. Mr lam said hong kong was the first place to introduce a data link volmet ( d - volmet ) service in the asiapacific region, allowing pilots to access the latest observations, forecasts and warnings in flight. " in the coming years, the hko will further improve the forecast accuracy and take advantage of the improved air - ground link to provide more user - friendly products to the aviation community.

    林超英說:香港是亞太區第一個引進對空氣象數據鏈《 d - volmet 》服務的地方,好讓機師在飛行途中,透過查詢,取得最新的觀測、預報和警報資料。在未來的日子里,天文臺會提高預報的精確度,以及利用不斷改善的地對空數據鏈,提供更多更方便的產品給航空界使用。
  5. ( d ) in the weak monsoon year, nwc lies in the northwest airflow region, west and south wind, as well as moisture transportation are remarkably reduced. except part of the first field, there is vapour flux divergenceon in nwc ( e ) in the strong monsoon years, the height field is low on the west and high on the east, west and south wind, and it ' s vapor flux transportation, are evidently boosted up. there is vapour flux conflurnce in the he first and sixth region

    ( d )弱夏季風年,西北區高度場西高東低,處于脊前西北氣流的控制之下,西風和南風明顯減小,水汽通量輸送也大大減少,除一區的甘肅河東大部( 30 35 n , 101 105 e )存在水汽通量輻合外,其它地區為水汽通量輻散(弱的輻合) 。 ( e )強夏季風年,西北區高度場東高西低,西風和南風明顯增強,水汽通量輸送同樣顯著增強,一、三區存在大范圍的水汽通量輻合。