dyed spun rayon piece goods中文意思是什麼

dyed spun rayon piece goods解釋

  • dyed: 染色的
  • spun: adj. 1. 紡成的,拉成絲狀的。2. 〈俚語〉精疲力盡的。3. 【航海】細油麻繩(由二至四股繩條捻成)。
  • rayon: n. 嫘縈,人造絲;人造纖維;人造纖物。
  • piece: n 1 片;斷片,碎片;一部,部分,部件。2 〈作量詞〉一片,一幅,一匹,一塊,一件,一項,一番,一段...
  • goods: n. 〈pl. 〉1. 商品,貨物〈美國說 freight〉。 ★不與數目字連用。2. 動產。3. 〈the goods〉 〈美口〉本領;不負所望的人[物]。

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  1. We have various kinds of cotton piece goods available for export

  2. We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state - operated corporation dealing exclusively in cotton yarn, cotton piece goods and woollen piece goods

  3. We also take on a variety of silk piece goods

  4. The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, then packed in wooden cases

  5. Our main produce items covers knitted shirts, men ' s & lady ' s t - shirts, customer screened printed shirts, polo shirts, vest, short & long pants, pajamas, jacketing, sports sweat and piece goods

    我司主要生產:針織t恤衫, polo衫,長短褲,背心,童裝,睡衣和夾克衫,運動套裝,以及針織布匹。