n. 名詞 摩擦的,由摩擦而生的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly


    1. Frictional behavior is modified by colloidal silica or starch deposition.

    2. The study shows that the longitudinal component of the pressure force is mainly balanced by the vertical eddy frictional term and the lateral component of the pressure force is mainly balanced by the coriolis force

    3. Then, by using the great fem programme and the drucker - prager model, the thesis establishes the pile - soil model of super - long piles, analyzes the mechanism of bearing and deformation of super - long piles under vertical loading systemically, studies the characteristics of q - s curve, bottom resistance, pile shaft resistance and critical length of super - long piles in detail, acquires some practical guidance conclusion. secondly, with a practical engineering, the author expatiates the bearing characters of super - long piles farther. the thesis points that super - long piles are frictional piles under the condition of working loading

      然後應用大型有限元程序,採用土的drucker - prazer模型,建立了超長樁分析計算的樁土模型,系統分析了超長樁在豎向荷載作用下的承載機理和變形特性,研究了超長樁的荷載?沉降特性,端阻、側阻的發揮性狀以及超長樁的有效樁長,得出了具有實際指導意義的結論。
    4. The frictional dissipation will introduce an exponential decay.

    5. The frictional restraint to bending has an effect on bending.