monthly view中文意思是什麼

monthly view解釋

  • monthly: adj 每月的;每月一次的;按月的。 monthly pay 月薪。 a monthly nurse (照料產婦的)產褥護士。 a mo...
  • view: n 1 看,望;眺望,展望;觀察,考察。2 視力;視域,視野,眼界。3 看見的東西,風景,情景,景色;風...

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  1. In this view they were sedulously abetted by their mother, aunts and other elderly female relatives.

  2. In the writer ' s view, the reason of the above trade barriers mainly exists in the following aspects. first is the natural deficiency of gats, then, it is the inevitable result of the accentuation the state sovereignty

    形成這些貿易壁壘的原因主要有: gats的固有缺陷、強調國家主權原則,我國法律服務業水平較低以及法律的特殊性。
  3. The sentimental poetics of yu dafu from the point of view of sino - western acculturation in artistic theory

  4. This paper is a case study of " absolute adjectives ", with a view of finding the limitations of the " prescriptive approach ", and suggests taking a dialectic stand in theoretical research and practical language teaching

  5. The latest monthly report of the bank of japan, together with the comments from economy minister heizo takenaka in relation to the central bank ' s tankan report on business confidence, indicated that, from the point of view of the government, japan ' s recovery remains on track