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  • particle: n 1 顆粒,微粒;微量,極少量。2 【物、數】粒子,質點。3 【語法】虛詞,不變詞〈冠詞、副詞、介詞、...
  • analysis: n. (pl. -ses )1. 分解,分析;【數學】解析。2. 梗概,要略。3. 〈美國〉用精神分析法治療(= psychoanalysis)。

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  1. It focuses on the theory of the mineral functional materials " improving the anti - chloride permeability and the chloride binding. the main achievements of this article include : 1 ) use the technology of xrd, sem, bet, laser particle size distributor etc to test the component, the construction, particle size distributor, specific surface etc of micro - silica, ultra - fined slag, high quality fly ash, meta - kaolin clay, four types of the mineral functional material, theoretically analysis the functions which the four mineral functional minerals act on cement concrete, namely pozzolanicity effect, filling effect, micro - aggregate effect, surface adsorption effect and so bring into play the affect of plastification, lowing of temperature, reinforcement, improvement of durability. base on this analysis we can conclude that the proper diameter of the mineral functional material is 5 m - 15 m, that is blain fineness 4500cm2 / g - 7500cm2 / g

    本論文的主要成果包括以下幾個方面: ( 1 )採用xrd 、 sem 、 bet 、激光粒度分析儀等多種測試手段,探明了以硅灰,超細磨粒化高爐礦渣,優質粉煤灰及偏高嶺土超細粉等4種超細礦物功能材料的組成、結構、粒度分佈、比表面積等基本性質;從理論上分析了礦物功能材料在混凝土中的4種效應,即火山灰效應、填充密實效應、微集料效應、表面吸附效應,並由此發揮出增塑、溫峰削減(降熱) ,增強及耐久性改善等作用;通過相關理論分析,推導出礦物功能材料的合理粒徑范圍在5 m 15 m ,即勃氏比表面積為4500cm ~ 2 g 7500cm ~ 2 g 。
  2. On the basis of the previous studies, a systematical study on the test and analysis of the atomization model is made herein based on both the prototype test and model test for jiangya dam, and then the data processing system for the atomized water particle size is developed as well ; which is a new trial carried out for the model law for the intensity of rainfall from atomization of flood - discharging flow

  3. Wizard zahoransky kg offers offers to particle analysis, laboratory equipment and laboratory equipment for grain size measurement

    Wizard zahoransky kg公司為您提供準確的、可靠的實驗設備,粒子分析、質點分析,粒子大小測量器。
  4. Testing of materials for semiconductor technology - test method for particle analysis in liquids - part 1 : microscopic determination of particles

  5. Methods a comprehensive method was used for the determination of comet head center based on gradually increased thresholds in sequential particle analysis of scion image. several macros were added to implement the manual correction function