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  1. Among the areas visited were quang ngai, duc pho, pho thuan, pho an, pho ninh, pho vinh, pho cuong, quang tri, quang nam, son ha, nha trang, cam ranh, phan rang, qui nhon, tuy hoa, and duc pho hospital. the initiates reached out to hundreds of families whose lives had been destroyed by the raging floods

  2. Honored as the " beethoven of au lac, " musician and composer mr. pham duy recites his exquisite work. he moved the whole audience with his superb performance

  3. Music and words by : anh andy quang le

  4. Wardrop j, ficker d, franklin s, et al. determination of erythro mycin and related substances in enteric - coated tablet formulations by reversed - phase liquid chromatography [ j ]. j pham sci, 2000, 89 ( 9 ) : 1097

    郭國嶺,張偉新,孫俐.羅紅黴素3種比色法比較及在溶出度測定中的應用[ j ] .藥物分析雜志, 2000 , 20 ( 5 ) : 344
  5. Upon their return, they were notified that another devastating flood had ravaged quang ngai and duc pho in central au lac. the floods continued through december and their devastating effects lasted for months