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  • population: n. 1. 人口;人口總數;全體居民;人口的聚居。2. 物的全體[總數];【生物學】蟲口;種群(量);群體;族,組,個數;【統計學】對象總體,全域。3. 【物理學】布居;密度。4. 〈罕用語〉殖民。
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • city: n 1 城市;市〈英國指設有大教堂的特許市;美國指大於 town 的重要城市〉;都市。2 〈the city〉 全市,...

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  1. The population of the city was thinned out by the black death

  2. Researchers picked somerville, a city of 77, 500, because it has a large population of minority children in low - income families

  3. Due to the job location of underground engineering in city are mostly stand in the centre of city, especially these large city in which the landform are complicated, the population are numerous and surrounding buildings are dense, which make the construction more difficult and the earthquake effect by blast may endanger the safety of surrounding environment in projects

  4. A " small city " means one which has a non - agricultural population of less than 200, 000 in its urban and inner suburban districts

  5. The survey interviewed 1 percent of the city ' s 17 million people, finding a 1. 6 percent growth in the unmarried population of those older than 15 with the growth of unmarried women 0. 9 percent higher than that of men

    這項調查對上海1700萬人口中1 %的人群進行了訪問,結果發現, 15歲以上的未婚人口數量增長了1 . 6 % ,其中未婚女性數量的增幅比未婚男性高0 . 9 % 。