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  • population: n. 1. 人口;人口總數;全體居民;人口的聚居。2. 物的全體[總數];【生物學】蟲口;種群(量);群體;族,組,個數;【統計學】對象總體,全域。3. 【物理學】布居;密度。4. 〈罕用語〉殖民。
  • standard: n 1 標準,水準,規格,模範。2 旗;軍旗,隊旗;【徽章】標幟,標記;旗標,象徵。3 【植物;植物學】...
  • deviation: n 1 脫離,越軌,背離 (from) 。2 偏向,偏差。3 (統計上的)誤差。4 【航海】(故意)偏航。5 【數...

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  1. On the scale, the slope of the straight line provides a measure of the standard deviation.

  2. We shall use the standard error of estimate as a tool in the same way that we can use the standard deviation.

  3. Note : n means test number ; tnb means total number born ; nba means number born alive ; sd means standard deviation

    注: n為總記錄數, tnb為平均總產仔數, nba為平均產活仔數, sd為標準差。
  4. After that, a survey was conducted among the students. i utilized the spss win program to obtain the various frequency, percentage, standard deviation, and divergence analysis statistics. based on the result of my analysis, i then presented my proposal for animproved plan and alternative policy of the current education

    利用『 spsswin10 . 0 』統計處理程序表,對問卷調查材料實行了頻度調查,計算了百分比、標準偏差,進行了分散分析,並分析了其結果,以其結果為基礎,提出了改善老人教育的政策措施。
  5. Two indexes was calculated to estimate the best bands union for color combination, one is optimum index factor ( oif, the sum of standard deviation divided by the sum of correlation coefficient. ), the other is the determinant of the co - variance matrix. it can be seen from the result that for color combination the original optimal bands were tm 4, 3, 7 and tm 4, 3, 5, the best mixed images were mnf1, br and ndvi

    以協方差矩陣行列式值和最佳指數值(組合波段標準差之和除以相關系數之和)為評價標準,得出對于tm原始波段而言,最佳的彩色合成組合是tm4 、 3 、 7和tm4 、 3 、 5 ;綜合幾種變換圖像的彩色合成的最佳組合是mnf1 、 br 、 ndvi 。