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  1. Use for connecting kinescope and high - voltage rectifying silicon

  2. Rectifying equipment for high voltage electrostatic precipitator

  3. The quetions one must ask are how much does air pollution cost, and what expense is justified in rectifying it ?

  4. Aimed at the causes of the crime of inquisition by torture and confession - extortion, part iv probes into the measures of prevention and cure for it from six aspects as the following : converting creatively the traditional law culture and value concept ; adjusting the way of social control ; rectifying the tipstaff ’ s concept of law - execution and improving their professional quality ; regulating and consummating the litigation rules ; perfecting the law rules and regulations ; and guaranteeing the devotion of judicial resources

  5. Company exceed the time limit still unconverted, by finance supervisory management department is decided to undertake rectifying to its