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電纜垂度, 纜索垂度

  • sag: vi ( gg )1 (橋、梁等)陷下,壓彎;(門)成一邊高一邊低狀;(蠟燭等)彎曲;(繩、天花板等)鬆弛...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • cable: n 凱布爾〈姓氏〉。n 1 【造船】錨鏈,錨索,(周長10英寸以上的)左捻三根三股索;粗索,巨纜;鋼絲繩...

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  1. This type of cable is generally referred to as a streamer.

  2. Signed carbon copy of cable required

  3. General technical specifications for fire resistive coating of cable

  4. The force control of suspension bridge anchorage cable is the main contents which will be researched. according to the character of suspen - sion bridge anchorage, three questions is solved in this paper on the basis of the construction control experience of the highway bridge of yichang yanzhi river. firstly, an effective method of cable force control is presented in this paper, which has settled the puzzle of cable force accurate operate through fixing a pressure transducer at the behind of the hydraulic jack. secondly, an exactitude calculation model is founded in this paper. in addition the influence of boundary condition, sag, inclination, flexural rigidity and environment temperature to the cable vibration frequency which make the frequency method could be used to the measurement of cable force. in the end of this paper, a control system of anchorage cable force is developed on the basis of the above research. this system is very steady, credible, high precision and convenient. it is a new and credible method to be used to the force control of sus - pension bridge anchorage cable. in this paper, the conundrum of cable force control has been solved. the fruits are very useful to the development of inland suspension bridge

  5. Base on review of existed study and application in suppressing cable vibration in the world, technique of mitigating cable vibration with viscous damper and mr damper has been investigated in this dissertation, and the main contents and progresses in form of summary are as following : 1 the motion differential equations of the cable - damper system are formatted, which take into account these factors, such as the inclined angle, sag, stiffness etc. coupling motion between cable and deck is studied with analytical and numerical method. numerical results show that large amplitude vibration of cable with beat rhythm will occur when exciting frequency of deck equals two times modal frequency of cable

    本文在對國內外斜拉索振動控制研究與應用現狀進行綜合評述、分析的基礎上,針對上述問題進行了深入研究,具體的研究內容和取得的成果包括: 1 、建立了斜拉索-阻尼器系統運動方程,對拉索與橋面的耦合振動作了分析和研究,數值結果顯示當橋面激振頻率等於某階拉索模態頻率的兩倍時,很小的初始擾動將引起拉索的大幅振動,並呈現拍振的特徵,與實測的拍振信號一致。