sag of protecting coating中文意思是什麼

sag of protecting coating解釋

  • sag: vi ( gg )1 (橋、梁等)陷下,壓彎;(門)成一邊高一邊低狀;(蠟燭等)彎曲;(繩、天花板等)鬆弛...
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • protecting: 保護
  • coating: n. 1. 被覆,表皮,塗層;包覆物;(食品上的)面衣,糖衣;塗料。2. 上衣料;細呢,花呢。

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  1. Aerospace - application of liquid coating materials

  2. Craft design for reconstructing project of car coating line

  3. Weight of zinc - coating number of dippings in cupric sulphate test and diameters of mandrel used for coiling test

  4. As the measures of tariff barriers reducing gradually, such restrictionons on international trade as non - tariff barriers and escape clause in various agreements in relation to the non - tariff barriers rise one after another, which challenges the industry association in terms of protecting members ' interests and the development of such industry by applying flexibly relevant regulations, meanwhile, the opportunities emerged as well, as every coin has two sides, thereby, its functions in respects of coordination and service, etc. could be expanded in the global market

  5. But others are doing a good job of protecting fish populations