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  • salary: n 薪水,薪金,薪俸。 ★ salary 指公職人員、職員等拿按年、按月計算的「年薪」或「月薪」。 工人等拿的...
  • epibolic: 外包的
  • management: n. 1. 辦理,處理;管理,經營;經營力,經營手腕。2. 安排;妥善對待。3. 〈the management〉〈集合詞〉(工商企業)管理部門;董事會;廠方,資方。

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  1. As the incompetent incentive and restrain mechanism, resulting the management board can ’ t unite totally and personnel management is incomplete, especially for senior manger, it is not effective enough to restrict their performance. that cause serious economic imbroglio one after another and lost in investment. the company adopts yearly salary system to spirit up senior mangers, but the system itself is faultiness

  2. And these measure are : first stringing then management of work - effect, reducing the rate of fixed salary, combining prize distribution with the work - effect ; second system of standard work - hour that carried out on workers who work in product ion, technical staff setting up technical key task subject, enlarging risk mortgage on managers, year salary for managers ; third floating salary for worker, establishing special training prize fund, flexible management of work - hour, establishing such encouraging system as worker ' s holiday with salary

  3. Now we have the small and medium - sized business of representative for a company ' s electromechanical profession in homeland, the manpower resource management present situation investigation analysis, discover the program of the manpower resource of a company ’ s recruit 、 training 、 effect check and salary reward system have many problems : the function of a company ' s manpower resource management is as follows, the company ’ s management is the experience of each department class cadre of straight line, especially lacks effect check system ; employees lack competitive consciousness, lacking actuating pressure, the employees lose initiatives gradually ; the manpower resource management of a company is confined to only somewhat daily recruit, salary capital calculation provide wait for general affairs, manpower resource management is not obvious for strategic influence as well as and strategic connection

    在筆者對a公司這樣一個在國內機電行業具有代表性的中小型企業的人力資源管理現狀進行調查分析后,發現a公司的人力資源的規劃、招聘、培訓、績效考核及薪酬體系存在很多問題: a公司人力資源管理的功能不足,甚至缺失;公司以各直線部門班幹部的經驗化管理為主,尤其缺乏績效考核體系;員工普遍缺乏競爭意識,缺乏工作壓力,由於缺乏績效評估,沒有有效的激勵,干好乾壞差不多,員工逐漸失去進取心; a公司的人力資源管理只限於一些日常的招聘、薪資計算發放等事務,人力資源管理對戰略的影響以及和戰略的聯系都不明顯。
  4. In examining the subject " review of the hong kong sports development board ( sdb ) ", the committee are gravely concerned that from the integration of the sdb and the hong kong sports institute in 1994 up to 1999, the relevant policy branches andor bureaux which were responsible for the government subvention to the sdb, had neglected to follow the " guidelines on the management and control of government subventions " to determine the comparable grades of sdb staff in the civil service, and to ensure that the package of salary and fringe benefits of sdb staff was not superior to that of their comparable grades in the civil service

  5. The system of yearly salary for management is under perfecting