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  1. Abies yuanbaoshanensis is a guangxi endemic and endangered evergreen coniferous arbor, listed in the red data book of plant in p. r. c, being one of the stated - proteced first - class rare and endangered plants. it is distributed only in yuanbaoshan mountain in northern guangxi

  2. Mature plants grow more slowly than young ones

  3. More sophisticated screening technologies are emerging, albeit slowly

  4. They find themselves surrounded by colourful rocks, fishes, seashells and plants, all waving and moving slowly in the blue waters

  5. Leaf primordia of the as1 - 101 and as2 - 101 mutants grew slowly in comparison to those in wild - type. the as1 and as2 genes expressed with a similar pattern in the wild - type plants

    As1 - 101和as2 - 101的葉原基早期發育異常,而且, as1基因過量表達的植物中普遍存在細胞衰老加快的情況。