time reckoning中文意思是什麼

time reckoning解釋

  • time: n 1 時,時間,時日,歲月。2 時候,時刻;期間;時節,季節;〈常pl 〉時期,年代,時代; 〈the time ...
  • reckoning: n. 1. 計算,算賬,結算;估計;(酒館等的)賬單。2. 報應,懲罰。3. 【航海】(由天文觀測的)船位推算。

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  1. The time exposure blurred the people in the center, creating “ an image of cosmic motion, ” said abercrombie

    這幅照片因為曝光時間較長,模糊了中間的人影,創造出「一種天旋地轉的景象。 」
  2. “ from an early age i have abjured the eating of meat, and the time will come when men such as i will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men

  3. From this came their reckoning of time, and a calendar that accurately measures the solar year to within minutes

  4. Though astronomy and time reckoning previously were dictated by the requirements of rituals, the time of which had to be fixed correctly, and not for purposes of divination, the new astrology came into vogue for casting horoscopes and making predictions

  5. So we fell to digging all four of us, as well as the wooden tools we were furnish d with permitted ; and in about a month s time, by the end of which it was seed time, we had gotten as much land cur d and trim d up, as we sowed 22 bushels of barley on, and 16 jarrs of rice, which was in short all the seed we had to spare ; nor indeed did we leave our selves barley sufficient for our own food, for the six months that we had to expect our crop, that is to say, reckoning from the time we set our seed aside for sowing ; for it is not to be supposed it is six months in the ground in the country