wage hike中文意思是什麼

wage hike解釋

  • wage: n. 〈常 pl. 〉1. 工資。2. 報應。vt. 1. 實行,進行,作(戰等) (on against)。2. 〈方言〉雇傭。3. 〈古語〉打賭;抵押;擔保。
  • hike: vi 〈口語〉1 步行;作長途徒步旅行,行軍;散步。2 飛起,揚起,飄起 (up)。3 〈美俚〉在高空檢修電...

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  1. They decided to wage a war of attrition rather than to rely on an all-out attack.

  2. Notice that they are all five - sided more or less. and notice, from a distance as you start your hike, how geological movements as the basaltic magma congealed have produced a wall of bent basalt columns

  3. Fully qualified civil engineers of forty were happy to work as draughtsmen for a low wage.

  4. That would upset the wage differential.

  5. But a series of studies in the 1990s ? including a famous analysis of fast - food restaurants in new jersey and pennsylvania by david card at berkeley and alan krueger of princeton university ? challenged that consensus, finding evidence that employment in fast - food restaurants actually rose after a minimum - wage hike