拆線機 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chàixiàn]
拆線機 英文
  • : 拆動詞[方言] (排泄大小便) excrete
  • : 名詞1 (用絲、棉、金屬等製成的細長的東西) thread; string; wire 2 [數學] (一個點任意移動所構成的...
  • : machineengine
  • 拆線 : 1 [醫學] take out stitches; take out [remove] the suture2 (將電話線路斷開) clearing拆線寄存器 d...
  1. Article 10 the rights to a civil aircraft as referred to in this chapter include the rights to the airframe, engines, propellers, radio apparatus of the civil aircraft and all other articles intended for use in such civil aircraft, no matter whether they are installed thereon or separated temporarily therefrom

  2. Connection box : made of abs contained material which can prevent burning. it is installed outward apperance and connecting wire and packing is very convenient

  3. The side entry design allows easy and quick in - line maintenance through the side cover with free access to the seat and disc for inspection or maintenance without disassembly of actuators

  4. Caution : please connect as the above diagram shown, or it may cause units malfunction. cut off power source before disassembling connection lid

  5. The public - safety - radio business, where motorola holds a near monopoly, could appeal to defense contractors, although splitting off such a business would destroy the synergies it has with the handset business

  6. Textiles. woven fabrics. construction. method of analysis. determination of twist in yarn removed from fabric

  7. Based on remaining the dismantling and loading, we make full of the equipped instrument, and fall the whole cycle into three modules : speed - adjusting module, pressure module and multi - execution instrument module. we must compile the related plc control program and pc control program, and redesign the control cabinet and re - fix the electric cycle. we complete the auto - control of the hydraulic experiment table through the loading and recapitulate debugging

  8. This paper deals with the problem of crosstalk mitigation at both methodological and algorithmic levels. noting that intermediate operations between global routing and detailed routing are very effective in crosstalk estimation and reduction, the authors propose to incorporate several intermediate steps that are separated in traditional design flow into an integrated routing resource assignment stage, so that the operations could easily cooperate to fully exert their power on crosstalk reduction. an efficient priority - based heuristic algorithm is developed, which works slice by slice

  9. Take off damaged fuser film sleeve from fixing assembly or fuser

  10. Ackout of original indoor fitment, fitment of the ball bar, lightening, catv, telephone, computer pipeline and the installation of the drainage

  11. The exchange meeting makes it possible that members have close contact with the inner parts of mysterious computer case, seeing the real appearance and observe the making up and breaking up, as well as the position of all parts and the ways of setting up, including the shape of wire end and the function of each wire

  12. 2. the splitting method, enclosed planetary transmission sketch method and structure sketch method are used to deduce the transmission ratio formulas on several structures of the single - stage and double - stage spatial - cycloid - ball gearing respectively. further more, the simplified calculating formulas on one - tooth - difference and two - tooth - difference spatial - cycloid - ball gearing are given

    2 、分別運用分法,封閉行星構的傳動簡圖和結構簡圖推導出單級和雙級的多種結構的傳動比公式,並給出一齒差、二齒差球面擺鋼球傳動構減速比的簡化計算公式。
  13. Type nhss wire rope pulling hoist is widely suitable for use in bridge - construction, laying of large - size pipes, installation and adjusting of machinery an electric apparatus, and large reaction tower of petrochemical industry ; the installation and alignment of storage tanks ; erecting, fitting, welding and alignment of masts, steel concrete timber structures ; laying and translocating of rails and sleepers ; loading and unloading bulky heavy goods during transportation. cable tensioning ; demolishing of gallery supporting logs ; stacking forrestry wood ; and othersimilar cases. the hoist of this series is especially suitable for use in narrow working sites of limited space, where the job is high above the ground or in open air places, in tunnel of deep well, where no power for traction or lifting is available

  14. Prestressed rolling mill is a kind of rolling mill with short stress line and great rigidity. compare with the same type of common rolling mill, it has great rigidity, simple structure and light weight, and is easily assembled and disassembled

  15. The scope of work included demolition of the existing equipment, civil and structural engineering work for the electrical housing, installation of motors, gearboxes, control stations, complete cabling and startup services

  16. Socket connector construction : routings in the whole machine all adopt socket connector installation, which can be easily disassembled and maintained