文化演算法 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wénhuàyǎnsuàn]
文化演算法 英文
cultural algorithms
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (字) character; script; writing 2 (文字) language 3 (文章) literary composition; wri...
  • : 動詞1 (演變; 演化) develop; evolve 2 (發揮) deduce; elaborate 3 (依照程式練習或計算) drill;...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (計算數目) calculate; reckon; compute; figure 2 (計算進去) include; count 3 (謀劃;計...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • 文化 : 1. (精神財富) civilization; culture 2. (知識) education; culture; schooling; literacy
  1. Due to existing signal processing technology ’ s shortage such aslow measurement, narrow measurement range precision and other poor performance, we introduced a high - precise signal processing technology : firstly, to get power spectrum with hanning windowed welch modified periodogram, search its peak value frequency ; secondly, to apply zooming analysis via goertzel algorithm ; at last, to get a highly precise doppler frequency with energy centrobaric rectifying algorithm 。 the simulating result indicated that this technology introduced could get accurate doppler frequency 。 depending on above discussed technology, we designed a signal processing scheme, and developed a signal processing system. the running result showed high performance, verified the feasibility and reliability of the highly precise signal processing technology introduced. in a word, the technology improved ldv ’ s performance such as measurement precision, measurement range, dynamic response time 。 and it will have a wide application foreground

  2. An optimized algorithm for mining association rules in hydrological time series is proposed on the foundation of the analysis of variance ( anova ), contingency table test and the new definition of interestingness

  3. Immune evolutionary algorithms are optimal algorithms in essence, therefore, they can be used in some fields, such as cybernation, pattern recognition, optimal design, meshing learning, network security, etc. there are also some examples of these attempts described in this paper

  4. The paper described the building process of model that can identify the shock - absorber parameter of landing gear and at the same times optimize performance of system. in this paper, there are also some debate, it include identifying parameter which can not be measured, such as the air polytropic exponent and the orifice discharge coefficient of shock - absorber

  5. A dynamical system is built which is satisfied to lyapunov function whose energy function is penalty function in augmented lagrange multiplier method. the dynamical system is global stable, and its stable solution is the optimization solution of sub - problem in augmented lagrange multiplier method according to lasalle invariance principle. finally a complete optimization algorithm is developed

    針對這種工業過程,本基於一個lqr的性能指標(本性能指標和衰減系數和自然頻率密切相關) ,提出應用本提出的mmlaax優,對不確定工業過程進行魯棒pto控制器的設計,取得令人滿意的效果。
  6. After studying the nowadays methods, combining the characters of binary scanned maps images, the author designs a method to recognize and capture the digital geography information, which is based on thinning algorithm. a system is also realized by this method in the visual c + + programming environment

    在研究、分析現有掃描圖像矢量的基礎上,與地圖掃描二值圖像的特點相結合,設計了一種基於圖像細的地圖信息識別與提取的方,並以此為理論指導在visualc + +環境下編程實現了一個自動矢量實驗系統。
  7. In the paper, the protocol adopt special route optimize algorithm and tdma time slot assigning algorithm, make node enter low consumption or sleep state in order to reduce the consumption ; aiming at choice the mechanism of cluster head, multi - hop routing and the mechanism of mac, the existing leach protocol is improved

    的網路協議是採用特殊的路由優和tdma時隙分配,使節點進入低功耗或睡眠狀態以降低功耗。協議主要在簇頭的選擇機制、多跳路由、 mac層通信機制等方面,對已有的leach協議進行了改進。
  8. Built up the optimal compensation regulation model of cascade hydropower stations for water resources system in the main stream of the yellow river, adopted poa method to solve optimal model in order to analysis water supply and generation electricity compensation benefits, discussed its distribution project and implementation countermeasures

    本論主要針對黃河幹流水資源系統建立幹流梯級水庫、電站補償調節優模型,採用逐步優( poa )求解模型,定量分析計了黃河幹流水量以及電量補償效益,探討了黃河幹流補償效益的分配方案和實施對策。
  9. This thesis gives a brief account of the basic theories of software engineering and computer graphics, of the data structure of individual component modeling, of the design of the software structure and of the method of realizing software. meanwhile, this thesis put more emphasis on the exploration of the arithmetic of the delaunay triangle network, nurbs curve integration, the filling - in arithmetic of triple - tree, and the arithmetic based on the scan - line arithmetic and the filling - in of complex section

    章介紹了關于軟體工程學與計機圖形學的基本理論及其各組件模型的數據結構、軟體結構設計與軟體實現的技術方,並重點討論了基於約束條件的delaunay三角網格、 nurbs (非均勻有理b樣條)曲面擬合、三叉樹等值線填充和基於掃描線的復雜剖面填充
  10. In the thesis. reading the iges file - 3 - and all the geometry entities and annotation entities are extracted ; on the base of geometry entities extracted, geometry entities are classified based to their three views. a new data structure is proposed to describle 3d form features ; inspection items of the workpiece are recognized ; the cmm - based inspection planning system is built ; on the other hand, as a part of cims, cmm need exchanging data with the software of cad / cam, so iges export interface is developed based on iges standard. in order to show the whole information of the surface, the 3 - dimensional free - form surface is drawing using the opengl

    通過讀取iges件對實體進行分離、提取、識別出對工件進行描述的原始信息;在此基礎上,西安理工大學碩士學位論提出一種優對三視圖自動進行分離,建立了一種對工件進行三維描述的數學模型,照此模型對工件進行立體重構;識別出工件的各種檢測信息,提出一種對公差信息進行描述的數學模型,井與三維立體相結合,生成有檢測意義的三維實體;根據三坐標機的測量系統,生成相應的檢測規劃;另一方面,作為cmis的一部分,應具有與cad cam軟體之間的數據交換功能,本還開發了iges輸出介面,採用opengl繪制三維空間曲面,向用戶展示其全面信息。
  11. Abstract : this paper analyzes theoretically the error in calculating t he volume of earthmoving work by simplified algorithm in practice and a correct simplified formula is recommended

  12. In this paper, the method of digital evolvable hardware is studied based on the dynamical reconfiguration of field programmable gate array ( fpga ). in the paper, firstly, the basic conception and theory of ehw are roundly introduced and the structure characters of ehw chip are analyzed. secondly, the thought of standard evolutionary algorithm is discussed and the flow of improved evolutionary algorithms is analyzed

  13. In this thesis, the principles and realization methods of evolvable hardware have been systematically introduced. evolvable algorithms are mainly discussed and many deep researches have been done on the basic application of evolvable hardware

  14. On the basis of sga, the validity of improved gaussian approximation ( iga ) method is established in our systems and the accuracy of the bit error rate expression obtained via siga is demonstrated with monte - carlo simulations

    在此基礎上證明改進型高斯近似( improvedgassianapproximation ,簡稱iga )在本所述系統中的適用性,並利用其簡( simplifiediga ,簡稱siga )得到簡潔的誤碼率近似表達式。
  15. The design tools of isight such as integration, design of experiment, approximation and optimization are applied to develop the design and optimization software for airfoils of wing - in - ground air vehicle

  16. The first part comprises industrial pta oxidation process modeling, residual fluid catalytic cracking process modeling, complex distillation modeling and analysis, the application of pta oxidation process soft - sensor technology. in the second one, the infeasibility degree based genetic algorithm is proposed to handle constrained optimization problem in engineering cases and the neighborhood and archive based genetic algorithm and its variant are proposed to treat the multi - objective optimization problem. with that, the pta oxidation process is regarded as a benchmark for the application of the proposed multi - objective optimization genetic algorithm

    內容分為兩部分,第一部分對包括三個典型的工業過程, pta氧反應器、渣油催反應系統和復合式精餾塔進行分析、建模以及pta氧過程的軟測量工程實施;第二部分分別提出了基於進解決工業過程中普遍存在的約束優問題和多目標優問題的過程優? ?基於不可行度選擇遺傳和基於鄰域和存檔操作遺傳,並利用該對工業pta氧過程操作進行多目標優研究。
  17. In the algorithm level, currently various training algorithms of neural networks, including gradient algorithms, intelligent learning algorithms and hybrid algorithms, are comparatively studied ; the optimization principle of bp algorithm for neural networks training is analyzed in detail, and the reasons for serious disadvantages of bp algorithms are found out, moreover, the optimization principle of two kinds of improved bp algorithms is described in a uniform theoretic framework ; and the global optimization algorithms of neural networks, mainly genetic algorithm are expounded in detail, it follows that a improved genetic algorithm is proposed ; finally the training performances of various algorithms are compared based on a simulation experiment on a benchmark problem of neural network learning, furthermore, a viewpoint that genetic algorithm is subject to " curse of dimension " is proposed

  18. Grid hiding and break line cut are difficult point in displaying of 3 - d grid data, the thesis also presented a new visualizing algorithm applicable for 3 - d grid data of topography - sliced polygon filling. the experiment result shown, contrasting to floating level, this algorithm excels in both time complication and effect of grid hiding and break line cut

    三維網格顯示中的網格消隱與斷線處理一直是網格可視技術中的難點,本結合三維地形網格的特點,提出了一種新的網格可視? ?切片多邊形區域填充,在實驗結果對比中,無論是復雜度還是顯示效果上都明顯優于浮動水平面
  19. This thesis studies the support vector machine and multi - class classification in the statistical learning theory, and applies the support vector machine into the machine paper currency recognition

  20. Firstly, the pretreatment of character to be recognized is researched, stressed discussing the subdivisional process of character, and a kind of fast shape preserving morphological thinning algorithm is used. in the following, how to construct the structure model on the basis of characteristic point ) sub - stroke and their interrelation is discussed, and a kind of method that describe sub - stroke through the feature of the sequence of curvature is brought forward. finally, the paper adopts the recognising model of printing number that base on repository, and describes the constructing method of repository