易位聚合 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wèi]
易位聚合 英文
metathesis polymerization
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (容易) easy 2. (平和) amiable Ⅱ動詞1. (改變; 變換) change 2. (交換) exchange Ⅲ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (所在或所佔的地方) place; location 2 (職位; 地位) position; post; status 3 (特指皇帝...
  • : 動詞(聚集; 聚積) assemble; gather; get together
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • 易位 : displacement
  • 聚合 : 1 (聚集到一起) get together2 [化學] (單體結合成高分子化合物) polymerization; polymerize 3 [生...
  1. Ring opening metathesis polymerization romp

  2. A series of copoly ( olefin - co - ester ) s were synthesized and characterized by starting from cyclooctene, cyclooctadiene or nobornene with ethanediol di ( 10 - undecenoate ) via metathesis copolymerization and hydrogenation reaction

  3. This dissertation describes the present rusult of the theoretic researches on harbor & navigation economy system during the course of the constriction of international shipping center of shanghai. aimed at the research goal, combinational theory of competitive advantage is developed in this dissertation. which combines the theory of common competitive advantage combines the conglomerate economy, regional advantage and other concerned theories to analyze domino effect of finance, trade and economy caused by harbor & navigation industry in the center city ; the advantage theory of balanced game, which mainly studies how to achieve an effective result of balanced game among every parties, puts more emphasis on the research of collaboration and negotiation that have collective advantage to analyze the relationship between competition and collaboration among different harbor owners under different operating circumstances ; the advantage theory of the reciprocal d evelopment of the harbor and the ambient area is an important paresis, not only can it accomplish its own development goal but can also offer some developing opportunities for its counterparts and the two will endeavor together to construct the international shipping center

    本文在總結前人研究成果的基礎上,概述了上海國際航運中心建設中有關港航經濟系統的理論研究現狀,並針對本文的研究目標提出了競爭優勢組理論,分別是一般競爭優勢理論? ?結了集經濟、區優勢等相關理論,以此來分析港航產業在金融、貿、經濟中心城市的集經濟效應;均衡博弈的優勢理論? ?主要研究如何在各種利益團體之間達成一種有效的均衡博弈結果,側重於對作博弈、協商機制等具備集體優勢的研究,以此來分析港口利益主體之間在不同經營環境下(民營化前後)的競協博弈關系;港區(港口與區域)互動發展的優勢理論? ?港口與區域的互動發展是國際航運中心建設的重要前提,雙方基於良性循環的共同發展在滿足自身發展目標的同時也為對方提供了發展機遇,並共同為國際航運中心的建設而作出努力。
  4. Give full play to the comprehensive traffic and position advantage, build the super market, develop great trade, invigorate and circulate greatly, cultivate and make ten super professional whole markets which have strong characteristics, wide radiation areas, heavy business scale, competent equipments, full - length service function, give play to effect of gathering, form market collect group

  5. This part emphasizes the synthesis of nanoarrays, aiming at controlling the size and distance of nanocrystallites using calixarene derivatives by altering the size, length and chemical structure of the organic molecules ; 2. this part emphasizes in situ synthesis strategy for fabrication of polymer network of zns based nanopowder, aiming at size controls, coating and preventing agglomeration following " one - pot " synthesis ; this method fits to low cost, large scale production ; 3. according to development in zno nanomaterials, we first report on the synthesis, characterization of amorphous zno, aiming at describing the principles and approaches of synthesis techniques, optical properties, spatial structure and doped effect ; the amorphous zno displays cage - like structure, showing a strong ultraviolet emission while the visible emission is nearly fully quenched, a potential uv - emission material ; 4

    本論文以量子結構自組裝為出發點,提出利用杯芳烴及其衍生物的化學受限反應實現尺寸可調半導體納米粒子自組裝;提出有機網路原組裝zns基納米熒光粉方法,把熒光粉的納米化、包敷、防團在「一鍋」反應中完成,適于低成本,批量生產;根據當前zno的研究情況,我們首次成了非晶zno ,研究了它的光學性質,確定了它的結構,並對其摻雜進行了初步的研究,非晶zno表現出強的深紫外發光特性,而可見發射非常弱,是一種有巨大潛在應用價值的深紫外發光材料;利用非晶zno的亞穩特性,對晶化過程中非晶zno納米晶zno三維受限量子結構特性,界面特性進行了深入的研究;利用固相熱分解一般受擴散控制特性,實現了尺寸可控的zno三維量子結構的自組裝;利用非晶zno的高度分散性,容均勻成膜特性,實現了非晶籽晶誘導低溫液相外延自組裝生長高取向zno晶體薄膜。