趙文進 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhàowénjìn]
趙文進 英文
zhao wenjin
  • : 名詞1. (周朝國名) zhao, a state in the zhou dynasty2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (字) character; script; writing 2 (文字) language 3 (文章) literary composition; wri...
  • : 進構詞成分。
  1. Shkp puts up the funds for the bi - monthly and up publications produces it, as part of shkp s efforts to encourage reading in hong kong. the booklovers behind the magazine include leung man - tao, tony tsoi, ivan choy and cultural figures lui tai - lok and chiu wing - kai, who write about literary appreciation, recommend good books and offer advice to fans of different types of reading

  2. Abstract : on the basis of site actual measurements, the safety of the combined mining of 16 and 17 thin seams under water body in the 4th mining area of zhaopo coal mine was evaluated by means of inversion analysis and numerical modeling. some relevant mining scheme and technical measures were worked out so as to ensure smooth production

    摘:以現場實測結果為基礎,利用反演分析和數值模擬計算手段對坡煤礦四采區下山部分距老空區水體下極限距離的16 、 17薄煤層聯合開採的安全性行了評價,並制定了相應的開采方案和技術措施,保證了生產的順利行。
  3. Manager chen offers zhao shan a solution : whilst they both know her english is remarkable, she needs to acknowledge the mistake and show action, and should therefore be seen to take a refresher course in english

  4. But in more situations the random variables generating counting processes may not independent identically distributed, and in all kinds of dependent relations, negative association ( na ) and positive association ( pa ) are commonly seen. the research and apply in this aspect are rather valuable. in chap 2 we prove wald inequalities and fundamental renewal theorems of renewal counting processes generated by na sequences and pa sequences ; in chap 3 we are enlightened by cheng and wang [ 8 ], extend some results in gut and steinebach [ 7 ], obtain the precise asymptotics for renewal counting processes and depict the convergence rate and limit value of renewal counting processes precisely ; at last, in the study of na sequences, su, zhao and wang ( 1996 ) [ 9 ], lin ( 1997 ) [ 10 ] have proved the weak convergence for partial sums of stong stationary na sequences. however product sums are the generalization of partial sums and also the special condition of more general u - statistic

    但在更多的場合中,構成計數過程的隨機變量未必相互獨立,而在各種相依關系中,負相協( na )和正相協( pa )是頗為常見的關系,這方面的研究和應用也是頗有價值的,本的第二章證明了na列和pa列構成的更新計數過程的wald不等式和基本更新定理的一些初步結果;本的第三章則是受到cheng和wang [ 8 ]的啟發,推廣了gut和steinebach [ 7 ] )中的一些結論,從而得到了更新計數過程在一般吸引場下的精緻漸近性,對更新計數過程的收斂速度及極限狀態行精緻的刻畫;最後,在有關na列的研究中,蘇淳,林成和王岳寶( 1996 ) 》 [ 9 ] ,林正炎( 1997 ) [ 10 ]已經證明了強平穩na列的部分和過程的弱收斂性,而乘積和是部分和的一般化,也是更一般的u統計量的特況,它與部分和有許多密切的聯系又有一些實質性的區別,因此,本的第四章就將討論強平穩na列的乘積和過程的弱收斂性,因為計數過程也是一種部分和,也可以構成乘積和,這個結果為研究計數過程的弱收斂性作了一些準備。
  5. With its direct influence, in 1220 ( the year 13 in jiaqing time ), auxiliary official zhang pan was authorized to compile zhong xing guan ge xu shu mu which took records of books after the year 5 in chunxi time by imitating zhong xing guan ge shu mu. zhong xing si chao yi wen zhi, compiled after that, was mainly based on these two books. and then in yuan dynasty, song shi ? yi wen zhi was compiled

  6. On the basis of the new affine transformation and self - adapted quadtree im - age compression method, we bring forward a new image compression method. experiments show that the psnr can reach 28. 7db at the compression ratio of 22. 4 for 256 x 256 x 8 " lena " image, better than jacquin [ 1 ], fisher [ 13 ] and yao zhao [ 12 ] ' s method. at last, we point out the defects of the method and program, bring forward some ways to be improved

    並介紹了用此演算法編寫的程序,給出了實驗結果,實驗結果顯示「 lena 」 256 256 8圖象在psnr等於28 . 7時,壓縮比可以達到22 . 4 ,比fisher , jacquin ,和耀等人的結果都有一定程度的改章最後指出了演算法和程序的不足,提出了一些改的方向。
  7. Leung man - to from the local literary scene talks to contemporary scholar chiu kwong - chiu about his innovative interpretation of chinese culture. the magazine has an interview with alfred so talking about his views on reading