探針陣列 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tànzhēnzhènliè]
探針陣列 英文
probe array
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (試圖發現) try to find out; explore; sound 2 (看望) call on; visit; see 3 (向前伸出)...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (縫衣物用的工具) needle 2 (細長像針的東西) needle like things 3 (針劑) injection; sh...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (作戰隊伍的行列或組合方式) battle array [formation]: 布陣 deploy the troops in battle fo...
  • : Ⅰ動1 (排列) arrange; form a line; line up 2 (安排到某類事物之中) list; enter in a list Ⅱ名詞1...
  • 探針 : probe; sound; filling fork; feeler; explorer; probing pin; touch needle; wire probe
  • 陣列 : [統計學] array陣列處理機 array processor; 陣列印表機 array printer; 陣列雷達 [電學] array radar
  1. Calculate the distibution of the melting temperature of the oligonucleotide probe sets that affymetrix uses for its microarrays

  2. In accordance with the problems existed in ir multicomponent gas analysis, a novel mu1tic. omponnt gas - sensitive sensor is developed by using the combination of narrow - band ir filter, light cone and pyroelectric detector array

  3. Differential hybridization of human testis cdna micorarrays human testis cdna microarrays were constructed by spotted the pcr product amplified from human testis library. then membranes were hybridized using the probes of embryonic testis ( 6 months ) and adult testis

    人睪丸cdna微雜交從人睪丸文庫中pcr擴增插入片段,將pcr產物點膜制備成cdna微,然後提取胚胎和成人睪丸的mrna ,制備成,分別與微進行雜交,獲取差異表達克隆。
  4. 5. prepare the oligonucleotide microarray add 16 prepared probes into 384 - pole plate, meantime, add p2, low homologic probes and probe buffer in the same concentration as positive control, blank control and negative control respectively. spot microarray as designed by the spotting machine

    5 .寡核昔酸微的制備以同等濃度的反義鏈引物咫作為陽性對照,以緩沖液作為空白對照,以無關作為陰性對照,與制備好的16條寡核昔酸,同時加人384孔板。
  5. Gene chips is high density probe array which is composed of nucleic acid or nucleic acid band arranged on the solid support media according to the definite order. it can detect unknown molecule by nucleic acid hybridize principle

  6. The paper puts forward a combined - allocation - scheme based on the idea of constrained - block - allocation at the storing allocation strategy and gives disk - striping about the storing of big capacity disk array. in the study about the access path of the multi - media data, we introduce several kinds of representative multi - dimensions data index structure including k - d tree, r tree, vp tree and so on. ( 3 ) the research of multi - media database system architecture.

    在存儲分配策略上根據受限塊分配( constrainedblock ? allocation )的思想,本文提出了聯合分配模式( combinedallocationscheme ) ;並對大容量磁盤的存儲給出了條形分配方案( diskstriping ) ;在多媒體數據的存取路徑的討中,重點介紹了幾種有代表性的多維數據索引結構,有k - d樹、 r *樹、 vp樹等。
  7. On the base of the soft about the deformation of aerodynamic configuration of mav, the advanced controlling technique of the deformation o f aerodynamic configuration about the prototype mav will be explored. based on the characteristic of micro air vehicle, this paper abstracted the aerodynamic evaluation mathematics models, developed a aerodynamic engineering estimation program, all kinds of aerodynamic configuration was compared and analyzed, found the perfect configuration and got the prototype of mav. abstracted the model about the deformation of aerodynamic configuration on base of the method of vortex lattice, developed the program for researching the performance of the deformation of aerodynamic configuration

  8. It is of important academic value and practical meaning to study perfect signal. this paper aims at a new form signal - array pair, the theory of array pairs, perfect binary pairs and quasi - perfect binary array pairs is discussed synthetically

  9. In order to study these questions, we researched three topics in this paper mainly : 1. we prepared zno nanowires using chemical vapor deposition ( cvd ) method based vapor - liquid - solid ( vls ) mechanism. our object was getting arrayed and controllable growth of zno nanowires through integrating the controllable ability of vls mechanism and merits of cvd and controlling the technique conditions of preparation

    對以上存在的問題,本文主要在以下三個方面進行了初步的索: 1 .採用基於氣-液-固( vls )生長機理的化學氣相沉積( cvd )法制備zno納米線,結合vls機理對生長過程的控製作用以及cvd方法的優點,通過對催化劑、源溫度、生長溫度和反應氣氛等工藝條件的控制,得到納米線的化生長。
  10. Microarray of single stranded deoxyribonuleic acid probes on the surface of zro2 ceramic beads and the preparation of fluorescent ceramic beads

  11. Research on the fabrication of low voltage micro electrophoresis chip has been done. the technology design, layout design and fabrication experiments have been finished. the results of the experimental are discussed

  12. This paper analyses, compares and researches the measurement of solar array deeply. the system takes advantage of a new measurement of solar array that samples the signal of voltage and current continually during charging capacitor by solar array to redraw the i - v characteristic of solar array. this method can test the i - v characteristic of solar array conveniently and quickly in contrast with the traditional method

    對太陽電池的測試方法,本文進行了詳細的分析比較和討,系統採用一種新型的電容動態充電方式對太陽電池進行特性測試,該方法是通過檢測太陽電池對電容的充電過程中電流、電壓的變化數據,重現光伏的i - v特性,採用這種方式可以快速而方便的測量太陽電池的i - v特性,具有體積小、重量輕等特點,克服了傳統現場測試方法的弊端。