達泰金 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [tàijīn]
達泰金 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (暢通) extend 2 (達到) reach; attain; amount to 3 (通曉; 明白) understand thoroughly...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (平安; 安寧) safe; peaceful; calm 2 (傲慢) arrogant Ⅱ副詞(極; 最) extreme; most; t...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  • 達泰 : date
  1. Aigle, altruist financial group limited, city telecom limited, deloitte touche tohmatsu, hong kong disneyland, exxonmobil hong kong ltd., falcon insurance company hong kong limited, hitachi elevator engineering company hong kong limited, hong kong amateur radio transmitting society, hysan development company limited, ing life insurance co. bermuda ltd., jebsen co. ltd., johnson matthey hk ltd., kerry properties limited, leo paper group, freescale semiconductor hong kong ltd., ove arup partners hk ltd., pccw, saint alp teahouse, shun hing group, st. john ambulance, telford international company limited, the hong kong electric co., ltd, the hong kong china gas company limited, the kowloon motor bus co., 1933 ltd., shaw and sons limited

    Aigle ,進邦理有限公司,城市電訊香港有限公司德勤關黃陳方會計師行香港迪士尼樂園埃克森美孚香港有限公司富勤保險香港有限公司日立電梯工程香港有限公司香港業餘電臺聯會希慎興業有限公司安人壽保險百慕有限公司捷成洋行莊信萬豐貴屬香港有限公司嘉里建設有限公司利奧紙品印刷集團飛思卡爾半導體香港有限公司奧雅納工程顧問電訊盈科仙跡巖信興集團聖約翰救傷隊匯泉國際有限公司香港電燈有限公司香港中華煤氣有限公司九巴士一九三三有限公司,以及邵氏父子有限公司。
  2. The intime group raised 311 million us dollars through the ipo

    通過本次公募,銀百貨融入資3 . 11億美元。
  3. Ander technologies manufacture quality metal catalyst carriers also name it metallic catalyst supports, metallic catalytic substrates for the catalytic converter of cars, motocycles, stationary engines and small engines

  4. Established in 1995, suzhou branch undertook lump sum contract service fukuda metal co. ltd. and rebesto friction products, and design works for more than 10 projects, such as panasonic electrical, nokia telecom, epson, amd, fujitsu telecom, gao de electronic, etc. having rich experiences on engineering design, supervision, lump sum contract. in recent years, with increasingly improvement on design and work scopes, suzhou branch provided design works for large projects such as jin xiang electronic, shang hai beilin, he jian technology, you da photoelectronic, nanjing tong bao, tai shan photoelectronic, etc. and also undertook lump sum contract for vertex

  5. Sanfeng tyre co., ltd was initially built in 1974, it is a medium sized tyre manufacturer with total asset of 150 million rmb and 800 staff and workers. the company owns an annual production capacity of 1 million units of tyres

  6. Heng an standard life ( hasl ) was established by the standard life assurance company, a fortune 500 company, and the prestigious tianjin teda investment holding co., ltd in 2003, with headquarter in tianjin and a registered capital of rmb 1. 302 billion

    恆安標準人壽保險有限公司由世界500強英國標準人壽和商譽卓著的天津投資控股有限公司於2003年共同創立,總部設在天津,注冊資本13 . 02億元人民幣。
  7. With the using of microsoft visual basic 6. 0, a multimedia computer - aided design system of small type pumping irrigation district is developed in this paper. provided with the live multimedia messages as well as a good man - machine conversation mechanism, this system can help the user to finish the planning of an pumping irrigated area such as the layout of canal system, the selection of pump models, the establishment of the irrigation program, the calculating of canals " parameters, the estimate of the project magnitude, the selection of the field constructions, the economic analysis of the project, the output of results, etc, a new oo ( object oriented ) programming method is adopted in this system, various softwares are integrated in this systems as well by the " automation " technic provided by vb, in addition, the multimedia technic is applied to this system for the first time, it makes the system easy to ope rate. as for the optimization of the canals " section, a new optimization method is adopted based on the existing theories about the canals " section, and in this way, with the purpose of minimizing the project ' s investment as well as a stalized canal, limited by the longituding slope, the canals " best feasible parameters can be deduced. furthermore, a integral method to reckon the earth work is developed in this paper, by this way, the estimate precision of the earthwork is enhanced notably. this paper includes the particular illumination for the developing procedure of each systems " segment, and in the end, the directions of the system are demonstrated in a sample area which lies in the zhaija village, taizhou city, jiangsu province, the running results showed that the initial purposes are achieved effectively, and it has a preferable practicability

  8. The author is a journalist - turned novelist, who worked for 23 years for " the korea times " and " the korea herald, " korea s major english newspapers. he has won three prizes for literature from such organizations as the monthly

    本文摘自韓國永先生所著的仙道體驗記第三十七集,作者原在韓國最具代表性的英文報korea times及korea herald擔任記者長二十三年。
  9. Cui lin, from antaike information development co ltd, a metal industry consultancy based in beijing, forecast gold prices in china would reach around 156 yuan ( us $ 19. 3 ) per gram this year

    總部設在北京的一家屬咨詢組織,安克信息開發有限公司的崔靈(音)預測,今年中國的黃價格將會到每克156元(合19 . 3美元) 。
  10. The king ' s palace hotel is located in the maidi prosperity and busy business district , there are 20 floors in the high building. the total construction square is about 23 , 000 square meters , it is extremely personality international four - star refinement hotel , its designed style is novelty leading , we may call it works of apotheosis

    惠州市隆都酒店位於市區最繁華的麥地商業區,樓高20層、總建築面積2 . 3萬平方米,是一幢很有個性的國際四星級精品酒店,設計理念新穎超前,極少數后現代風格,可稱典範之作。
  11. Elegance hotel is the four - star top - grade foreign hotel, located in the crossing of nanhai road and the third avenue in the economy and technology district of tianjin. located in the key position of newly developed area of strand, with the management committee of development zone of tianjin around, customs of tianjin, bonded area of tianjin and warner international golf course, financial street, library, international hospital, taida institute are adjoint, it is politics of development zone of tianjin, the centre areas of culture, commercial affair, the geographical position is superior, easily accessible, it is personages of various circles of society that enjoy the comfortable easy good selecting that live a life

  12. The representative cooperation is the chiang mai initiative ( cmi ) that the asesn + 3 ( china, japan, and korea ) established as a network of bilateral and multilateral swap arrangements for managing a currency crisis in the member countries. the asesn + 3 also established multi - layer policy dialogue mechanisms, and set up the asian fond fund, etc. these steps laid a well foundation for the east asian financial cooperation

    2000年5月,中國、日本、韓國與東盟在國的清邁成了「清邁倡議」 ,以及建立了各層次的政策對話機制,設立亞洲債券基等等,這些構成了東亞地區融合作發展的基礎。
  13. When the imf organised a financing package for thailand in august 1997, the hong kong sar committed to make a swap facility of up to us 1 billion available to thailand

  14. Cathay tat ming metal mfy, ltd. was established in hong kong in 1970. with a history of over 30 years, it has become a major metal manufacturer in china

  15. The initiator agreement that has signed is firm, tianjin peaceful amounts to investment to accuse a limited company to own the equity of 25, it is the biggest partner ; broken bits makes a bank ( hong kong ) the equity that limited company owns 19. 99, it is the 2nd large stockholder ; chinese ocean is carried ( group ) the equity that head office supports 13. 67, it is the 3rd large stockholder ; inc. of treasure steel group and firm of national development investment own the equity of 11. 67 respectively, label the 4th large stockholder ; tianjin is fiducial invest finite liability company to hold means in the palm to draw share of natural person capital through gather fund letter 10 ; tianjin business collects investment ( accuse ) limited company becomes a shareholder with drawing civilian battalion business means share 8

    已經簽署的發起人協議確定,天津投資控股有限公司擁有25的股權,是第一大股東;渣打銀行(香港)有限公司擁有19 . 99的股權,是第二大股東;中國遠洋運輸(集團)總公司擁13 . 67的股權,是第三大股東;寶鋼集團股份有限公司和國家開發投資公司分別擁有11 . 67的股權,並列為第四大股東;天津信託投資有限責任公司通過集合資信託方式吸收自然人資參股10 ;天津商匯投資(控股)有限公司以吸收民營企業入股方式參股8 。
  16. Based on the above background and under the support of tianjin natural science foundation project : intelligent fiber amplifiers and light sources, tianjin natural science foundation project : ( c + l ) broadband fiber amplifier and nankai - delta ( tianjin ) project : development of gain flattened erbium - doped fiber amplifiers, this dissertation is mainly focused on the study of novel gc - edfa, gain and nf ( noise figure ) improvement of edfa, light sources, multi - wavelength fiber laser and voa ( variable optical attenuator )

    基於以上背景,在天津市重點基項目? ?智能型光纖放大器和光源的研究、天津市重點基項目? ? ( c + l )超寬帶摻雜光纖放大器和南開-(天津)項目? ?開發增益平坦的摻鉺光纖放大器的支持下,本論文主要圍繞新型gc - edfa 、 edfa性能的優化、增益控制用光源、多波長光纖激光器以及可調光衰減器等課題進行了理論和實驗研究。
  17. Meanwhile, with the development of wdm / dwdm communication systems, more and more attention is paid on the edfas with broader bandwidth, good gain and noise feature, and gain clamping, etc. according to the tianjin natural science foundation project : intelligent fiber amplifiers and light sources, the tianjin natural science foundation project : ( c + l ) broadband fiber amplifier and the nankai - delta ( tianjin ) project : development of gain flattened erbium - doped fiber amplifiers, this dissertation is mainly focused on the study of novel gain - clamped edfa, light sources, multi - wavelength fiber laser and variable optical attenuator for gain - clamped usage, gain and noise improvement of edfa, and broadband edfa

    Wdm / dwdm通信系統的發展又需要edfa具有更大的帶寬、優良的增益和噪聲特性和增益控制等功能。基於上面的情況,並結合天津市重點基項目? ?智能光纖放大器光源的研究、天津市重點基項目? ? ( c + l )超寬帶摻雜光纖放大器和南開-(天津)項目? ?開發增益平坦的摻鉺光纖放大器等課題,論文主要圍繞新型增益控制edfa 、增益控制用光源、多波長激光器及可調光衰減器、 edfa性能優化和超寬帶edfa等方面進行了理論和實驗研究。
  18. Shenzhen huibida hardware plastic products co., ltd at ecthai. com - an e - commerce gateway in thailand

    深圳市惠必塑膠製品有限公司國電子商務通道ecthai . com
  19. Jintai metal production factory is situated in shanghu town changshu city, jiangsu province, which is just in the suzhou intersection area, the most active and developed long delta region