齒輪離合器 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chǐlún]
齒輪離合器 英文
disengaging gear
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (牙; 牙齒) tooth 2 (物體上齒形的部分) a tooth like part of anything 3 [書面語] (年齡...
  • : Ⅰ名1 (輪子) wheel 2 (像輪子的東西) wheel like object; ring; disc 3 (輪船) steamer; steamboa...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (離開) leave; part from; be away from; separate 2 (背離) go against 3 (缺少) dispens...
  • : 合量詞(容量單位) ge, a unit of dry measure for grain (=1 decilitre)
  • : 名詞1. (器具) implement; utensil; ware 2. (器官) organ 3. (度量; 才能) capacity; talent 4. (姓氏) a surname
  • 齒輪 : gear [rack; toothed] wheel; (toothed) gear; wheel gear
  • 離合器 : clutch; throw out; ratcheting; clutch coupling離合器操縱桿 clutch operating lever;離合器齒輪 clut...
  1. The combine harvester is overall 3 packets of period of efficacy are 1 year ; 3 packets of period of efficacy are main part 2 years, main part is to point to internal - combustion engine airframe, cylinder housing of casing of lid, flywheel, frame, gear - box, clutch, change gear case of machine, final drive to body

  2. The engine and motor are coupled to the wheels through clutches, and automatic gearbox, and hy-vo chains.

  3. The engine gear ' s precision of best110 motor - cycle has been improved by the methods of combining rough heat treatment, mechanical processing and last heat treatment together, which can help to solve the problem of louder strange noise and realize its nationalization

  4. The design undertaken mainly from the following aspects : 1, mechanism ddesign : included the base and the joints : 2, trasmission mechanism design : adopted a synchronous toothelike transmission bell ; 3, balance system design : adopted springs and a brake and a lay air cylinder ; 4, design parameter and verify alculation ; 5, established motion equation by d - h method ; 6, simulated the motion locus by matlab software ; 7 ^ mapping out the part drawing or asesembly drawing

    本設計主要是從以下幾個方面入手: 1 、機構設計:包括底座和臂關節的設計; 2 、傳動機構設計:將驅動電機安裝在底座上,利用同步型帶、傳遞手臂的動力;利用傳動帶動底座回轉; 3 、平衡系統設計:採用了彈簧平衡系統、電磁式制動和單向延時氣缸; 4 、設計參數和校核計算; 5 、用d ? h法建立運動學方程; 6 、利用matlab軟體對手臂的運動空間進行模擬; 7 、利用autocad2000繪圖:包括零件圖和裝配圖。
  5. Clutch model, gear box model and load model

  6. In order to improve coal slime dewatering results and operational reliability, according to the comparison of screen bowl centrifuge ' s structural parameters, operational parameters and dewatering results used at home and broad, proposed that, proper design parameters should be determined by the property of coal slime ; the separation factor and manufacture level of homemade screen bowl centrifuge should be improved ; the research on sieve and wear parts should be strengthened to improve the service life of wear parts ; planetary gear differential case should be used to improve the work reliability of whole machine and the automatization level of centrifuge control should be enhanced

  7. The engine and motor are coupled to the wheels through clutches, and automatic gearbox, and hy - vo chains

    發動機和電動機經自動變速箱和hy - vo鏈與車連接。
  8. In the process of actual usage, two problems about a certain type bf cargo truck appear. the first one is the burnt clutch and the second is the fracture of gear teeth of the sixth gear

  9. Through militia programs, the final plan is to change the transmission ratio of gearbox, the parameter of friction piece as well as the gear width of the sixth gear of the second shaft. finally, the parts of transmission system - clutch, gearbox, driving shaft, driving bridge are checked and the problems are solved

    本文通過多目標規劃,最終的優化方案是適當改變變速傳動比、摩擦片參數及二軸六檔寬,最後對傳動系各部件- - -、變速、傳動軸、驅動橋等進行了校核,使問題得到妥善解決。
  10. When you disengage the clutch, all gears are at rest and no power is transmitted to the drive wheels, however, when you move one of the sliding gears, such as c, into mesh with d, then by engaging the clutch, you complete the connection between the engine and the drive wheels

  11. This is achieved by utilising a torque transfer differential which is controlled by various sensors and an electronic control unit ( ecu ) to enable a difference in torque to go to each of the rear wheels

  12. The contours of the sprocket teeth are medium frequency induction hardened. all transmission clutches are of involute spline type

  13. The power of the diesel engine is transmitted to the rudder propeller through an elastic coupling, a clutch and the universal shafts, the rudder propeller transmits the engine power to the propeller via upper and lower bevel gear sets ( z - drive )

    原動機(柴油機)的推進動力通常是通過高彈性聯軸、萬向傳動軸送到舵槳,舵槳將動力通過上、下兩對螺旋錐付傳送到螺旋槳,從而產生推力( z型推進) 。
  14. This paper trice to find the cause of effective ness loss and to analyze it theoretically by adopting the ways of quantitative analysis and quantitative analysis by using the way of fault tree to carry out the qualitative analysis, it draws the logic charts by various elements that cause the loss of effectiveness and to make a faucet tree to find out the loss programs, then make a final analysis of the smallest element of the fault tree. the first problem is due to the over friction by exceeding permitted limits ; the second problem is due to the gear feather ' s low inteusity, this paper adopts the method of changing the trans mission ratio of the first gear and the width of the sixth gear of second shaft so as to solve the problems

  15. Domestic and abroad standard and test information of alimak co. for braking distance of antifalling safety device of construction hoist are analyzed. the writers study the application and inspection situation of safety device in our country and put forward a suggestion of reasonable range of braking distance for safety device with gear cone drum

  16. As well as keeping the engine rotating between power strokes it also carries the clutch, which transmits the drive to the gearbox, and has the starter ring gear around its circumference

  17. Flywheels for industrial engines used with industrial power take - offs equipped with driving - ring type overcenter clutches and engine mounted marine gears

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  19. An over - running clutch on the drive pinion prevents the starter from being driven by the engine once it starts

  20. It links the standard rear differential with a mechanical planetary gear set and an electronically controlled multi - plate clutch for each rear wheel