水力分級機 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shuǐfēn]
水力分級機 英文
hydraulic cla ifier
  • : 名詞1 (由兩個氫原子和一個氧原子結合而成的液體) water 2 (河流) river 3 (指江、河、湖、海、洋...
  • : Ⅰ名1 (力量; 能力) power; strength; ability; capacity 2 [物理學] (改變物體運動狀態的作用) forc...
  • : 分Ⅰ名詞1. (成分) component 2. (職責和權利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights Ⅱ同 「份」Ⅲ動詞[書面語] (料想) judge
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (等級) level; rank; grade 2 (年級) any of the yearly divisions of a school course; gra...
  • : machineengine
  • 水力 : waterpower; hydraulic power水力剝離 [采礦工程] hydraulic stripping; strip with water; 水力采礦 hy...
  1. The investigation of a lot of parameters about treated sandstone, brick materials and earthen materials with fluorited polymers has been carried out, such as the formation of polymer, the penetration depth, porosity, capillary absorption and penetration coefficient, water uptake, compressive strength, drilling resistance, absorption isotherms of water vapor, water vapor diffusion, color changes as well as resistance to desegregation of water, frizzing - throwing cycles, worming - cooling cycles, and so on. in addition, the influence of salt crystallization, acid and base, and uv aging have also been assessed in order to better understand the protection effects and utilization possibility of two fluorinated polymers, mainly according to astm standard and the combination of international methods together with general technological

  2. Unifies myself thorough army actual investigation and study and consults to the higher authority department concerned discovered that, the current brigade level institution and the division also pause in the operational readiness training resource management aspect in the traditional manual management pattern, the extremely unsuitable army becoming an information based society construction need, has become the restriction army battle efficiency promotion a significant bottleneck, therefore, the design and the development combat readiness resource management system, raises the operational readiness training resource management level to be imminent

  3. This paper unfolds engineering disposition and theoretical research of negative temperature high performance concrete ( nthpc ) with the damage of many factors motivation, the project background based on qing - zang railway engineering, which is one of four - emphasized engineering during the tenth five - plan. due to the difference of environment of construction and service between nthpc and ordinary concrete, and therefore durability of nthpc is required to higher level. at a first, nthpc must avoid frozen damage at early age and possess anti - freezing property at later period, in order to meet engineering practicable application need, and this are two emphasized and difficult problems, as for nthpc ; by means of mechanism analysis about deicing - agent ingredient and anti - freezing at early period, adopting composite technique routine of mineral addition + anti - freezing element + water - reducer4 - air - entraining + anti - erosion of steel component etc, based on orthogonal experimental approach, fd - 1 composite functional admixtu re was manufactured, which has more property and orientation on qing - zang railway

    負溫混凝土由於和普通混凝土在施工環境及服役環境上存在的差異,因此表現為比普通混凝土更為較高的耐久性要求;負溫混凝土首先要避免早期的凍害以及具備長期抗凍性能,才能夠滿足工程實際應用的要求,這也是負溫混凝土必須解決的兩大技術關鍵;通過對目前常用防凍劑組作用理的析研究及混凝土早期防凍理探討,採用礦物外加劑+防凍組+高效減劑+引氣+阻銹組功能復合的技術路線,通過正交試驗設計復配了適應青藏鐵路工程要求的專用多功能復合型外加劑fd - 1 ;並在此基礎上配製不同等負溫高性能混凝土,開展一系列包括硫酸鹽侵蝕、氯離子滲透、抗凍融循環、收縮及耐磨性等耐久性能研究;通過對fd - 1組和摻量的調整,優化負溫混凝土在施工特性、學指標和耐久性三個方面的兼容、協調性。
  4. 1 ) the principles of various rotary - type transplanting mechanisms of high - speed rice transplanter had been studied, and the subjects for further research - - studying their dynamics characteristics to improve their dynamics performance and further to enhance the efficiency were put forward. an innovative idea of two - stage - optimization for dynamics analysis was presented in the paper. the creativity of the idea was that the kinematics optimization ( first stage optimization ) results were the constraint for dynamics optimization ( the second stage optimization )

    本文主要的研究內容和結果如下: 1 )研究國內外各種類型的旋轉式高速稻插秧構的工作原理,指出尚待研究的問題? ?研究其動學特性,以改善動學特性,進一步提高插次;為此提出了動學兩優化的創新性思路? ?以運動學優化( 1優化)得到的構參數范圍作為動學優化( 2優化)的約束條件,最終得到的最佳參數不僅能滿足運動學的要求,又具有最佳的動學特性。
  5. According to the request of this subject, we have developed the system hardware and software for the slave device and the inspection software running on the pc. in this paper all of the followings is illustrated detailedly, such as the research on the principles of measurement and its realization, three means of water - level measurement that are separately based on photo electricity coder, pressure sensor and potentiometer ; selection of the microchip, we choose an advanced integrated soc ( system on chip ) microchip c8051f021 as the main controller ; realization of signal sampling, processing and its conversion in the mcu ; application of high precision 16 bits adc cmos chip - - ad7705 in our system, designing its interface with the microchip and relevant program ; using a trickle charge timekeeping chip ds1302 in the system which can provide time norm and designing of its i / o interface and program ; additionally, a 4 ~ 20ma current output channel to provide system check - up using ad421. in the system, ad421, ad7705 and the microchip compose spi bus ; to communicate with the master pc, here we use two ways which are separately rs232 and rs485 ; moreover, there are alarm unit, keyboard unit, power supply inspection unit and voltage norm providing unit in the system

    針對研製任務的要求,課題期間研製了下位系統硬體和軟體,開發了上位監控軟體,其中所作的具體工作包括:測量原理的研究和在系統中的實現,在本次設計中用三種方法來進行位測量,別是旋轉編碼器法、液位壓傳感器法和可變電阻器法;主控晶元的選擇,我們選用了高集成度的混合信號系統晶元c8051f021 ;實現了信號的採集和處理,包括信號的轉換和在單片內的運算;高集成度16位模數轉換晶元ad7705在系統中的應用,我們完成了它與單片的介面設計及程序編制任務;精確時鐘晶元ds1302在系統中的應用,在此,我們實現了用單片的i o口與ds1302的連接和在軟體中對時序的模擬,該晶元的應用給整臺儀器提供了時間基準,方便了儀器的使用;另外,針對研製任務的要求,還給系統加上了一路4 20ma模擬信號電流環的輸出電路來提供系統監測,該部的實現是通過採用ad421晶元來完成的,本設計中完成了ad421與單片的spi介面任務,協調了它與ad7705晶元和單片共同構成的spi總線系統的關系,並完成了程序設計;與上位的通信介面設計,該部通過兩種方法實現: rs232通信方式和rs485通信方式;系統設計方面還包括報警電路設計、操作鍵盤設計、電源監控電路設計、電壓基準電路的設計。
  6. The main work of this paper was as fellows : ( 1 ) generalized the development of pre - stressed steel structure in our nation and abroad, and pointed out the main problem in practice ; ( 2 ) presented the mechanism of pre - stressed steel structure and revealed its applicable range ; ( 3 ) established the optimization design model for pre - stressed steel structure, which accounts for constraints on stresses and displacements of structure ; ( 4 ) brought forward the optimization design method, which combined linear programming and the principle of full restriction, through which we can obtain the magnitude of each time pre - stress and the optimized sections of each members of structure ; ( 5 ) analyzed the best times of pre - stress and pointed out that 2 ~ 3 times is preferable ; ( 6 ) conducted optimization design on large - space steel roof, horizontal parallel steel truss with local cables, horizontal parallel steel truss with global cable, and ultra - static steel truss, the result of which indicated that the multiple pre - stress structure is very economic ; ( 7 ) compared different schemes of cable placement for horizontal parallel steel truss, and the results showed that the local cable only unloaded the second girders, but had no response on the first girders and stomach poles, while global cable could unload the second girders and the stomach poles outside of turning point of cable, thus proving that global cable is more economic than local - cable

    本文的主要工作是:對國內外預應鋼結構的發展歷史及現狀作了綜述和總結,指出當前預應鋼結構工程實踐中存在的主要問題;闡述了預應鋼結構的受理,並指出預應鋼結構的適用范圍和特點;在考慮結構應和變位約束的條件下,建立預應鋼結構優化設計模型;提出多次預應鋼結構優化設計方法和步驟,採用線性規劃和滿約束準則相結合的優化方法,可優化設計出施加的每一預應的大小,並得到結構各部的優化截面;對多次預應最佳的施加次數作了析,並建議以2 3次為宜;為驗證文中理論和方法,別對大跨多次預應鋼屋架、局部布索的平平行弦鋼桁架、整體布索的平平行弦鋼桁架和局部布索的超靜定鋼桁架等算例進行了優化設計,經濟效益明顯;對平平行弦鋼桁架的幾種施加預應的方案進行比較,對于局部布索,預應只對下弦起到卸載作用,對上弦和腹桿基本不起作用;而整體布索預應除對下弦卸載外,對索折點以外部腹桿也起到卸載作用,經濟效益好於局部布索。
  7. 3. bring forward a new idea : the ideology of synergetics used in atomic simulation and multi - scale simulation of materials design. on the basis of this, next tasks were put forward : ( 1 ) analyzing the changes of stress - strain curves of the interphase before and after pre - treatment ; ( 2 ) the efficient of the coupling effect of o2, na2s04 and h2o stream on the oxidation and erosion resistance of interphase ; ( 3 ) the methods of improving environment performance of interphase above 1273k

    提出將協同學的思想用於原子模擬及跨尺度模擬的思路,並在此基礎上,提出下一步的工作設想: ( 1 )析熱處理前後界面相區域應-應變曲線的變化; ( 2 )航空發動模擬環境中,氧、硫酸鈉蒸汽及蒸汽耦合效應對界面相抗氧化性、抗腐蝕性的影響; ( 3 ) 1273k以上界面相環境性能提高的方法。
  8. In this paper, the so preparing self - compacting concrete with low and middle strength using super fine mountain sand artifical sand and phosphorus slag is studied systemically. through the study the influence of the shape, the proportion of the dust and the grade of sand to the workability and the mechanical property of self - compacting concrete, it is found that super fine mountain sand artifical sand are not suit to prepare low and middle strength self - compacting concrete, but when they are combined and the additive and assistant band material are used, c20 - c40 high performance self - compacting concrete is prepared ; the corresponding additive is developed to solve the delamination caused by the low proportion of banding material ; the evaluating system for the workability of low and middle strength self - compacting concrete is built ; the controlling method for production, construction and curing was set up. and the result of the research is applied into several projects

    通過析特細山砂和制砂的顆粒形態、粉末含量、顆粒配等特性對自密實混凝土的工作性能和學性能的影響,發現特細山砂、制砂不宜單獨用於配製中低強度等自密實混凝土,宜將特細山砂和制砂進行合理復配,並選擇合適的外加劑和礦物摻合料,優化配合比設計,可生產c20 c40中低強度等自密實高性能混凝土;研製開發出了具有高效減、保塑、抗離析功能的外加劑,有效解決了中低強度等自密實混凝土由於膠凝材料用量少而出現的離析、泌問題;應用正交設計方法,對因素和平進行合理選擇,確定了生產中低等自密實混凝土的最優配合比;建立了中低強度等自密實混凝土的工作性評價體系;提出了生產、施工及養護的質量控制技術方法。
  9. In order to calculate the high external water pressure, the rock seepage field and external water pressure coefficient should be treated in detail. concentrated on the questions of high external water pressure and flow of the deep - lying tunnel, the basic theory and method calculating external water pressure are systematically studied, the high external water pressure of jinping cascade 2 hydropower station is analyzed and studied in detail

  10. Adopt the mean of analyzing the factors which influence the output of the crops to quantity and determine the factors, assess the correlation among the grading factors in the units and calculate the point value of these factors ; determine the weigh value of the factors. ten factors, which are content of organic matter, thickness of soil layer, quality of soil, pickled degree of land, condition of irrigation and state of shelter belt, the degree of land " s leveling, central focus region ( focus region location ), utilization method of soil, are chosen as grading index at last

  11. ( 2 ) the method of finite element discrete and optimal parameter back analysis is adopted. ( 3 ) concentrated on the question of high external water pressure of the deep - lying tunnel, the basic theory and method calculating external water pressure are systematically studied. ( 4 ) based on jinping cascade 2 hydropower station, numerical simulation rain infiltration of seepage field under different drainage pattern and grouting pattern are studied, also, the high external water pressure is analyzed and studied and some seepage control measures are put forward

    ( 2 )採用有限元離散?優化法進行參數的反演析; ( 3 )針對深埋隧洞的高外問題,進一步析和研究了襯砌荷載及外的作用理和計算方法; ( 4 )以錦屏二電站深埋長引隧洞作為本文的主要研究對象,採用考慮降雨入滲滲流場析的方法對排方案和灌漿封堵方案不同情況下的滲流場的佈進行了數值模擬,並對其外進行了析和研究,提出了滲流控制的具體措施。
  12. Based on the previous studies, the 2 - d laterally averaged temperature model for the temperature prediction of the huge and deep reservoir is developed in this paper. in the mean while, the movement mechanism of the turbulent buoyant flow in reservoir and the rule of the thermal stratification forming, developing and varying are probed. the model is then applied to the huge reservoir of xiluodu on jinshajiang river and the cascade power stations on yalongjiang river

    本文在總結前人研究成果的基礎上,探討了庫湍浮流的運動理,以及溫度層的形成、發展和變化規律,建立了適用於大型深溫預測的立面二維溫模型,並應用於超大型庫? ?金沙江溪洛渡和雅礱江梯電站各庫的溫預測,取得了一系列創新性研究成果。
  13. ( c ) land natural productivity increase from 7843 kg / ( hm2 - a ) to 17335 kg / ( hm2 - a ) relate to altitude closely, and the mean rate of enhancing yield is 23. 53 percent in this region with annual enhancing - rate of 0. 64 percent in last 15 years. ( d ) there are many facters that have been influe ncing soil effective coefficient that ' s soil organic matter, total nitrogen, effective phosphine and soil texture in turn. in a word, attenuation cause of land productivity is the result of water and soil. ( e ) the forestland potential productivity change from 3986 kg / hm2 to 15034 kg / hm2, but it has a high distinction between southern aera and north area in yaan city. ( f ) the grassland potential productivity increase from 4085 kg / ( hm2 - a ) to 16973 kg / ( hm2 - a ), but it has a high classification of potential productivity, ( g ) ditribution map was formed of potential land productivity. ( h ) it could be act as decision support for agriculture development, national land planning and ecotop constructive, etc

    5 、土地自然生產潛平的主要土壤限制因素為有質、全氮,其次為速效磷和土壤質地;區域潛在生產差異的制約因素,主要為土壤,次為、土兩項衰減合計為45 . 99 ,石棉、漢源兩縣、土衰減達到60左右。 6 、林地潛在3986 15034kg / hm ~ 2之間,高等林地比重小,以大相嶺為界,北部的各縣林地生產平高,南部的兩縣林地生產平較低。 7 、天然草地生產潛平高,潛在16973 4085kg / ( hm ~ 2 ? a )之間,以高產的一、二、三草地為主,且近10年來該比例變化不大。
  14. First through poor quality analysis, conclude that it is necessary to strengthen quality inspection and quality control so as to reduce internal and external failure cost ; second through sorting and analysis of all non - conformance records happened before quality sustainable improve approach, make us understand it is crucial to strengthen quality sense, enhance bottom management and improve process capacity ; third through analysis of previous year compound quality level before quality sustainable improve approach, point out the compound quality level gap between byq tank shop and counterpart, make us feel quality crisis ; last in connection with byq company production volume development target, conclude it is inevitable for byq company to select the development pattern of reducing cycle time and improve output

  15. I hope, through the cooperation, by absorbing and learning the international advanced management experiences, operational mechanisms and production technologies, yatai group can turn into a group with the international competitiveness and play a bigger role in cement industry structure adjustment, the optimization and upgrading of our cement industry

  16. With the data recorded by computer, the author studies the experiment progress in detail, which includes the development of pore press, strain, strength of the sand, etc. connecting the development of these phenomena with the development of stress path, the author finds new mechanism which can explain the phenomena in the experiment. what is more, according to the dynamic test of the sand, there appears a steady state at the last phase of the development of strain and stress path, in which the strength of the sand is studied because it is an important parameter in evaluating the stability of sand against liquefaction. secondly, the dynamic constitutive relation was studied through the dynamic tri - axial test

    本文首先採用目前國內較先進的微控制動三軸儀,利用其可以適時採集和儲存數據的優勢,對砂土的實驗過程進行了細致的析,研究該過程中孔隙發展、軸向應變發展以及它們與應路徑之間的關系,對飽和砂土的剪脹、剪縮和卸載體縮等多個方面進行了研究,探索了砂土的動特性,析了影響砂土抗剪強度的各種因素,這些因素既包括土本身的特性(土的密度、結構、配、透性以及初始狀態等) ,又包括動荷載的特徵(振動幅值大小和振動頻率等) 。
  17. Firstly, behavior and destroying mechanism of pile under inclined loads are systematically discussed based on summary of research on pile under inclined loads home and abroad, and then a power series solution for displacement and stress calculation of pile under inclined loads in layered soils is presented. based on the solution, the calculation of soil reaction force at the flank and bottom of piles, vertical and horizontal displacement of piles and maximal bending moment of piles is concluded

  18. Abstract : based on experimental analysis of magnetization in sew age treatment, this paper studied the biological effect of magnetization, e. g. its bactericidal action and the action of promotion algae growth etc, and analyzed th e mechanism of removal organic contaminent by magnetization

  19. " from good to great - leveraging the power of integrated management systems the performance excellence model in hong kong and the mainland symposium " and " china - hong kong productivity quality awards winners sharing symposium 2004 hong kong award for services : productivity winners showcase

  20. Firstly, on the foundation of defining the scope of the suburbs of guangzhou city, the paper completely analyzes the problem and characteristic of land use and the power mechanism of land use variation ; then the paper constructs the index system of land eco - use evaluation in the suburbs of guangzhou, and evaluates land eco - use of all districts and county level cities in the suburbs of guangzhou according to 2002 related data, its result demonstrates that land use in the suburbs of guangzhou is basically at the preliminary ecological use stage, moreover along with the distance from urban enlarging, land utilization natural ecology level is more and more high, then economical ecology and social ecology level is more and more low ; finally, in view of the problem of land use in the suburbs of guangzhou and the result of ecological use evaluation, and according to the target of building eco - city, the paper puts forward nine important and concrete regulation measurements to realize land eco - use in the suburbs of guangzhou