淺積盆地 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiānpénde]
淺積盆地 英文
starred basin
  • : 形容詞1 (從上到下或從外到里的距離小) shallow 2 (淺顯) simple; easy 3 (淺薄) superficial 4 ...
  • : Ⅰ動詞(積累) amass; store up; accumulate Ⅱ形容詞(長時間積累下來的) long standing; long pending...
  • : 1. (盛東西或洗東西用的器具) basin; tub; pot 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 盆地 : [地質學] basin; saucer; bowl
  1. Based on available data, the study on regional structure, sedimentary reservoir and source rock characteristics shows that the basins in south china sea had experienced sedimentary evolution in faulting period and depression period, deposited thick cenozoic formation, upwardly developed alluvial fan facies, river - lake facies coastal swamp facies coastal facies, neritic facies and bathyal deposit system, regionally had 3 source rocks of eocene, oligocene and miocene, 3 reservoirs of pre - cenozoic basement buried bill, oligocene sandstone and miocene reef, with pliocene and pleistocene neritic facies and bathyal shale as regional caprock

  2. In middle and late periods of the early permian, the pre - caspian areas rose successively, the climate became dry, and the environment turned to be supratidal zone ( evaporitic environment ), resulting in the spread sedimentation of salts and the formation of the salt sediment group ( the upper part of the lower permian ) which consists mainly of halite and anhydrite

  3. The coqen basin in xizang lies between the bangong - nujiang suture zone and yarlung zangbo suture zone, and once extended northwards and southwards, respectively centred by the qiekan - goicang - asog rift zone as the center of deposition and subsidence during the middle jurassic to the early creatceous. ( 1 ) during the middle - late jurassic, the rift zone was occupied by deep - water turbidites, radiolarian siliceous rocks, shallow - water carbonate rocks, clastic rocks and basic - ultrabasic rocks, while both sides of it by littoral and shallow marine elastic rocks and carbonate rocks

  4. After that, antiplane surface motion features of the shallow alluvial valley of small depth - to - width ratio are investigated in details. the results indicate that surface displacement amplitudes of alluvial valley will not reduce when the alluvial valley become shallow. the maximum amplitudes will move to high frequency with depth - to - width ratio becoming small

  5. Being primarily controlled by northwest faults, cretaceous of jiyang depression contained several isolated basins, and lake levels of these isolated basins were instable, but on the whole, shore and shallow lake sub - facies is in the majority

  6. It is directed by the 1atest theory of terrain stickin plate tectonic, and based o n petrographical series and stratum layers. from the aspects of structural analysis, stratigraphy, petrology, sedimentology, structure geology, remote sensing geology, geophysics as well as tectonics, the author put the ordos basin into a bigger and deeper studying field while using the combination of sedimentation and structure analyses, the data of outcrops around the basin and the deep drilling coring data in the middle of this basin, geochemistry analysis, seismic methods and non - seismic methods, etc. this paper discussed the relationship between the crystalline basement and the suprastructure in and surrounding the ordos basin, and also the influences of deep geology on the basin platform cover, and some new point of view and better understanding have been brought forward on the basement growth of ordos basin and it ' s platform cover

  7. On the basis of realizing the sedimentary system and tectonics, the authors think the sedimentary fades of the taiyuan formation is barrier island, beach and delta facies in tabamiao area in the north of orcios basin by observing cores, analyzing lithofacies and log facies

  8. The basement of the basin is consist of precambrian crystal basement and paleozoic folding basement, while the cover has undergone the evolution of intra - continental rife in permian, down warped basin in triassic - cretaceous period and inter - mountains basin in tertiary. the main sediments are huge - thick volcanic rock, shallow intrusive rock and tuff in early permian, dark mudstone, marl and muddy dolostone in lucaogou formation in middle permian, huge thick volcanic rock, intruder in tiaohu formation in middle permian, miscellaneous sandy gravel, sandstone and gray mudstone in triassic ( the red is under the gray, and huge - thick dark gray, gray sandy gravel, sandstone, mudstone with coal layer in jurassic

    基底由前寒武紀結晶基底和古生代褶皺基底組成,蓋層則經歷了二疊紀的裂谷、三疊紀?白堊紀的坳陷和第三紀后的山間的演化過程。主要沉了下二疊統巨厚火山巖、成侵入巖和凝灰巖;中二疊統蘆草溝組的暗色泥巖、泥灰巖、白雲質巖石以及條湖組的巨厚層火山巖、侵入巖;三疊系雜色砂礫巖、砂巖及灰色泥巖(下紅上灰) ;以及侏羅紀厚層深灰、灰色砂礫巖、砂巖、泥巖夾煤層。
  9. The depositional character of zhuxiang formation in the basin reads as follows : a series of nne alluvial fan were formed along the fault. the half - deep lake to deep lake faces appeared by west side of the fault, towards the west the saucer lake faces, shore deposit and flood plain face appeared in proper order. the depositional center of lower cretaceous was formed in eastern part of the basin, and the depositional depth was pinch - out and thinning out from the east to the west

  10. 5. platform trough and basin with deep water and low energy are the favorable source rock zones, reef banks and reef cores are the profitable reservoir. and the strata which is dolomitized is the main gas yielding parts

  11. At the beginning of tiaohu period, the lake basin shrank, and the water became shallow. braided river facies and braided delta facies were found on both side of the basin, and deep lake facies disappeared, and shallow lake facies was only found in the southern of tiaohu seg and central part of malang seg

  12. The palaeogeographic research indicate that the palaeogeographic outline of the study area recorded the evolution from a sedimentary basin in which the shallow - water carbonate platform sediments and deep - water terrigenous clastic submarine fan developed from southeast to northwest and northeast during the late triassic through a submarine sheet - like model composed of deep - water sandy turbidite and fine - grained turbidite during the early jurassic to a terrigenous clastic barrier coast during the middle and late jurassic and finally to the coal - bearing delta sediments during the late cretaceous

  13. Through the analysis of the stratigraphy and sedimentary facies of the research areas, the description model between the stratigraphic framework and deposite environment can be set up firstly by the transition from the " three horizons sandstone with two intercalated limestone horizons ' mn yanshiping area to shale and marl in amdo - zigetang co, and to oil shale in bilong co, then by the transition of the shallow water platform facies to the deep water continental shelf, slope, and to the deep water basin

  14. Were found in the margin around the basin. lucaogou fm. was mainly composed of thick dark mudstone, micritic limestone, argillaceous dolomite, which reflected a shallow to fairly deep - lake sedimentary formation

  15. The transitional facies can also be divided as estuarine, tidal flat and lagoon ; the depositional envirnononents of clastic rock marine facies include offshore, shallow water continental shelf, deep water continental shelf, slop as well as the deep water basin ; the carbonate facies can also be divided into a carbonate platform and ramp

  16. Sedimentary evolution underwent three stages included in the evaporation sea bay of the earlier stage, shallow sea basin of the middle stage, extensive sea of the continental margin

  17. The convergence and precision of the analytical solution in this case are studied and discussed to fill the space of the research

  18. ( 2 ) there are no reports on the analytical solution of antiplane scattering of shallow circular - arc cross - section alluvial valley because of limit of the special functions, although it possesses practical engineering values

    ( 2 )圓弧型沉是一種更具有工程實際意義的局部場,關于這種典型場出平面散射的解析結果尚未見報道。
  19. Several typical sites are chosen in this paper in order to investigate the main points of wave function expansion method applied to elastic wave scattering problems. antiplane scattering analytical solution for the alluvial valley of shallow circular - arc cross - section is investigated, which has practical engineering value

  20. When the formation period of formation water is different to its host rock, its chemical property in oil layer may be entirely different to adjacent water layer