提升技術 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shēngshù]
提升技術 英文
lift technique
  • : 提動詞(垂手拿著) carry (in one's hand with the arm down)
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (由低往高移動) rise; hoist; go up; ascend 2 (等級提高) promote Ⅱ量詞1 (容量單位) lit...
  • : 名詞(技能; 本領) skill; ability; trick; technique
  • : 術名詞1. (技藝; 技術; 學術) art; skill; technique 2. (方法; 策略) method; tactics 3. (姓氏) a surname
  • 提升 : 1 (提高職級) promote; advance 2 (向高處運) hoist; elevate3 [數學] lifting; 提升器 lifting mec...
  1. It is the key that enterprise stands in an invincible in the competition. so the way to improve technological innovation becomes the focus of the company. the paper analyses the technological innovation capability of the domestic and overseas petrochemical enterprise, and sets up the estimative system of technological innovation capability

  2. With the slalom skates project, mx wants to develop the skates and permit to any skaters to increase their level and to create their own style

    通過平花鞋這個項目, mx希望這雙鞋能給予所有輪滑愛好者能夠更很好地提升技術以及發展自我風格!
  3. Respect all of the customers and public. provide value - added and cost - effective services, and continuously promote technology, service value and customer service standards

  4. The lifting technique is then used for h _ synthesis problems such as h _ mixed sensitivity problem, robust stability problem and the disturbance attenuationproblem. it is pointed out that for the closed - loop sampled - data control system, thesystem norm is not preserved by the lifting as expected, i. e., there is a differencebetween the two norms

    論文將提升技術應用於采樣控制系統的各種h _設計問題,包括h _靈敏度問題、魯棒穩定性問題、擾動抑制問題,指出對閉環采樣控制系統,法並不像設想的那樣具有保范性質,即系統在前後的范數是不等價的。
  5. Then we use lifting scheme improve wavelet analysis methods and proposed a kind of digital watermark algorithm based on error - correcting coded which is a method of communication theory and is to correct watermark signal

  6. In light of the complexities of the technologies and the larger gap and the demands in the aspects of scientific research, design and manufacture of the units in china, it is necessary to accelerate the nationalization of the equipments for the units from only importing the equipments to importing the equipments along with the technologies at the same time by tendering, so as to realize the nationalization and localization of the manufacture of the equipments and to enhance the technical level and the quality of the equipments through the competition concerned as soon as possible

  7. However, it challenges traditional apprenticeship methods of surgical training and hong kong is in urgent need of dedicated laboratory - setting training facilities for repetitive training and practice of skills in different simulated scenarios with no risk to patients

  8. The lifting technique for sampled - data systems : useful or useless

  9. Ten years of the lifting technique for sampled - data control systems

  10. Lifting scheme is a new method for constructing wavelets and performing wavelet transform

  11. They may be losing out to their competitors if they do not upgrade their technological capabilities quickly

  12. This thesis focuses on wavelets, lifting schemes and their application algorithms on ecg signal compressing

  13. The lifting technique for sampled - data control systems is studied first, and theformulas for lifting computation are derived carefully

  14. Upper eye gel : with dimensional - lift technology is formulated to strengthen from the inside out by boosting collagen and elastin production

  15. Along the way, there have been performance boosting technologies implemented on the single core architecture to help boost virtual processing speeds or throughput

  16. It is pointed out that the lifting technique is not suitable for h ( subscript ) synthesis with weighting functions of sampled - data systems

    摘要提升技術已成為采樣系統設計的主要工具,但變換不能保證頻率響應不變,故不適用於加權(函數) h (下標)設計。
  17. Now, technical standard rises continuously in the world, such as the substitute of the cold enzyme of air - condition and useless old home appliance, countries raise the threshold for the export sale of our country with the form of law or stipulation. if domestic air - condition trade has no profit, what do you take to promote the technical level, and how to go to break the technical rampart of export sale

  18. Aggressive recruitment of overseas talent improves the productivity and competitiveness of the primax team as a whole, and helps the company to achieve major breakthroughs

  19. Wavelet transforms overcome the shortcomings of fourier - based techniques because of wavelet ’ s advantage on flexible time - frequency windows. wavelet has been widely applied in numerical analysis, signal processing, and image processing. at present, lifting scheme is new method for constructing wavelets and performing wavelet transform

  20. With an injection of 5 billion to finance specific projects which will contribute to innovation and technological upgrading in our manufacturing and services industries