租賃金額 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lìnjīné]
租賃金額 英文
leasing amount
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (租用) hire; rent; charter 2 (出租) rent out; let out; lease Ⅱ名詞1 (出租所收取的金錢...
  • : 動詞(租借) hire; rent
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (金屬) metals 2 (錢) money 3 (古時金屬制的打擊樂器) ancient metal percussion instrum...
  • : 名詞1 (額頭) forehead:寬額 a broad forehead2 (牌匾) a horizontal tablet 3 (規定的數目) a sp...
  • 租賃 : rent; lease; hire租賃籌資 lease financing; 租賃費 premium on a lease; 租賃公司 leasing company; ...
  • 金額 : [書面語] amount of money; sum of money金額限制 monetary limitation; 金額轉入新帳戶 balance transf...
  1. Service lease rental payments, which will be charged to the profit and loss account,

  2. When the time limit of the preference policies constituted by our country and our province is over, we will support all the items which are put into the support field by the government with fund in the form of finance payment, the abetting scope ; the first 3 years not below 50 % of the company income tax which turn in to county ( engraft, reconstruct, rent, cooperate, annex, share, purchase, recompose the primary company, evaluate according to the new technology enterprises ; the later 4 years, not below 30 % for advanced and new technology enterprises

    執行國家和省出臺的優惠政策期限結束后,凡列入政府扶持范圍的,通過財政支出渠道安排資,給予支持,其支持度為:前3年按不低於企業繳納的屬縣級收入的企業所得稅(嫁接、改造、、聯合、兼并、參股、收購、重組現有企業的,按新增企業所得稅計算,下同)的50 % ,其中:高新技術企業不低於60 % ;后4年不低於繳納的屬縣級收入的企業所得稅的25 % ,其中高新技術企業不低於30 % 。
  3. Along with the growth of the building industry for lease, the progress of the mechanical equipment management is not the same with it. the traditional methods - keeping business records manually, lease ( giving back ) records, calculating rent charge sum, counting rent things, ca n ' t meet the needs of the develop of business. the general headquarters of the company can only exchange information with their branches through telephone, fax or post

    隨著建築業的發展,其機械設備管理並沒有得到同步發展,傳統的方法? ?採用手工記帳、出(歸還)登記、計算以及統計出情況,已完全不能滿足企業業務發展的需要,加之公司總部同地處異地的分公司信息交流只能通過電話、傳真或郵寄等方式進行,無法及時準確地了解分公司的業務情況,有的建築設備公司已開始使用設備管理軟體,但也只是剛剛起步,還存在許多問題。
  4. Inventory controlling is one important part in enterprise management, excessive inventory could make the enterprise pay excessive fees such as warehouse - rent and insurance and tie up much fund which make circulating fund lacked

  5. Where an employer refunds all or part of the rent paid by an employee, the place of residence is deemed to have been provided by the employer either rent free or for an amount equal to the difference between the rent paid and the amount refunded

  6. Operating lease is preferred to diversify ca ' s future aircraft finance. finally, the thesis explores two resolutions, * early terminate the leases of 1xa340 and 1xb747 - 400p in 2008 to ease the funding pressure caused by huge residual values payable in year 2009

    在本文的最後部分提出了兩條具體的解決方案:一、為緩解支付2009年巨殘值的資壓力,在2008年提前中止1架b747 - 400p及1架a340飛機的日本杠桿
  7. A deposit of three months rent is required at the time of initial contract signing

  8. Because of the large amount of capital, long duration and various risk elements in the aircraft financial leasing ; the risks in it are high

  9. Furthermore, airline can get the usufruct without pay or with a little payment for the aircraft, which helps the flexibility of the financial report

  10. Article 16 : in the leasing term, if the central government or local government needs to make construction or development, this contract shall terminate, party a gives back the rent and deposit received in advance, other related loss shall be undertaken by party b