租賃稅 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lìnshuì]
租賃稅 英文
lease tax
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (租用) hire; rent; charter 2 (出租) rent out; let out; lease Ⅱ名詞1 (出租所收取的金錢...
  • : 動詞(租借) hire; rent
  • : 名詞1. (徵收的貨幣或實物) tax; duty; tallage; due 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 租賃 : rent; lease; hire租賃籌資 lease financing; 租賃費 premium on a lease; 租賃公司 leasing company; ...
  1. Chapter 3 analyses the obstacles - - the vulnerable legal protection, vague understanding of the public, inexplicit objective of local government, distorted system of land rent, tax and fees and obsolete management methods - - of perfecting the leasehold system at first

  2. When the time limit of the preference policies constituted by our country and our province is over, we will support all the items which are put into the support field by the government with fund in the form of finance payment, the abetting scope ; the first 3 years not below 50 % of the company income tax which turn in to county ( engraft, reconstruct, rent, cooperate, annex, share, purchase, recompose the primary company, evaluate according to the new technology enterprises ; the later 4 years, not below 30 % for advanced and new technology enterprises

    執行國家和省出臺的優惠政策期限結束后,凡列入政府扶持范圍的,通過財政支出渠道安排資金,給予支持,其支持額度為:前3年按不低於企業繳納的屬縣級收入的企業所得(嫁接、改造、、聯合、兼并、參股、收購、重組現有企業的,按新增企業所得計算,下同)的50 % ,其中:高新技術企業不低於60 % ;后4年不低於繳納的屬縣級收入的企業所得的25 % ,其中高新技術企業不低於30 % 。
  3. Information about stamp duty computation for tenancy agreements

  4. In some contexts ( the analysis of financial leases, for example ) depreciation tax shields are treated as safe, nominal cash flows and are discounted at an aftertax borrowing or lending rate

    在某些情境中(例如,金融的分析) ,折舊收擋板被作為安全的、名義的現金流對待,並以一個后借款或貸款利率貼現。
  5. A limitation of loss relief section 22b leasing arrangements section 39e general anti - avoidance provision section 61 general anti - avoidance provision section 61a loss companies section 61b ramsay principle penalty on tax avoidance cases guidelines on lease financing advance rulings

    A部:有關虧損的項寬免限制第22b條b部:安排第39e條c部:一般反避條文第61條d部:一般反避條文第61a條e部:虧損公司第61b條f部: ramsay原則g部:避個案的罰則h部:有關融資的指引
  6. In the year under review, the group adopted the new hkfrs below, which are relevant to its operations. hkfrs 3 business combinations hkfrs 5 non - current assets held for sale and discontinued operations hkas 1 presentation of financial statements hkas 2 inventories hkas 7 cash flow statements hkas 8 accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors hkas 10 events after the balance sheet date hkas 12 income taxes hkas 14 segment reporting hkas 16 property, plant and equipment hkas 17 leases hkas 18 revenue hkas 19 employee benefits hkas 21 the effects of changes in foreign exchange rates hkas 23 borrowing costs hkas 24 related party disclosures hkas 27 consolidated and separate financial statements hkas 28 investments in associates hkas 32 financial instruments : disclosures and presentation hkas 33 earnings per share hkas 36 impairment of assets hkas 37 provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets hkas 39 financial instruments : recognition and measurement the adoption of the above new hkfrs has the following impact on the group s accounting policies : hkfrs 3 does not have any impact as the new standard does not affect the group

    香港財務報告準則第3號業務合併香港財務報告準則第5號持作出售非流動資產及終止經營業務香港會計準則第1號財務報表之呈列香港會計準則第2號存貨香港會計準則第7號現金流量表香港會計準則第8號會計政策會計估計變動及誤差香港會計準則第10號結算日後事項香港會計準則第12號所得香港會計準則第14號分類報告香港會計準則第16號物業廠房及設備香港會計準則第17號香港會計準則第18號收入香港會計準則第19號雇員福利香港會計準則第21號匯率變動之影響香港會計準則第23號借貸成本香港會計準則第24號有關連人士披露香港會計準則第27號綜合及獨立財務報表香港會計準則第28號聯營公司投資香港會計準則第32號金融工具:披露及呈列香港會計準則第33號每股盈利香港會計準則第36號資產減值香港會計準則第37號撥備或然負債及或然資產香港會計準則第39號金融工具:確認及計量采納以上新香港財務報告準則對本集團之會計政策造成下列影響: i香港財務報告準則第3號並無造成任何影響,皆因新準則並不影響本集團。
  7. Service purpose : land assignment, real estate alienation, real estate lease, real easte mortgage, real estate issurance, real estate taxation, compensation for land acquisition and demolition and relocation of buildings, real estate division, real estate merger, real estate disputes, etc

  8. As the finance lease plays a very important role in ca ' s aircraft finance, the thesis addresses very detailed comments on its concept and distinguishing criteria set out by mof. furthermore, the thesis describes the principles and structures of some aircraft finance facilities once or currently ca widely utilize including japanese leveraged lease ( " jll " ), eximbank or ecgd supported lease and mortgage loan in rmb which classified as tax - oriented lease, assets - backed finance lease and direct borrowing from bank, respectively

  9. As a result, many house tenancy deals are made under the counter, which hinders the development in gear of our house tenancy market and lessens the related tax revenue

  10. Another popular variation on this is to pay rentals in advance, similar to a cash deal, which drops the buyers tax liability in a major way, whilst still still taking advantage of the leasing support

  11. A number of proxy variables are also defined to test the hypotheses. by using univariate analysis, the empirical analysis of the factors such as tax policies, growth opportunities, debt capacity and enterprise ' s profitability of financial lease in our country is carried out

  12. Guoheng appraisal service involves a wide range of fields, such as investment in real estate, development, buying and selling, transferring, leasing, mortgage, reform of businesses into shares system, bankruptcy of businesses, liquidating real estate assets & buying stock, merging, checkup on enterprise assets, judicial ruling, auction, tax - collecting and relocation and a relevant extension of counseling

  13. But on process, it mainly experienced five stages : allowing rights and profits, changing profits into taxes, contracting and renting, changing managing mechanism and marketing stock system

  14. China ' s state - owned enterprises have experienced a series of forms such as profit replaced by tax, contract, lease out, assets management etc since the reform of town economy system was carried out all over the country in 1984

    從1984年城市經濟體制改革全面鋪開至今,我國國企改革經歷了「利改」 、 「承包經營」 、 「經營」 、 「資產經營」等一系列形式。
  15. In the process of the development from planned economic system to market economic system, though our state - owned enterprises have experienced the trial reformation of enlarging rights and allowing profits, changing profits to taxes, managing contract and rent, they have not shaken off the hard situation

  16. Sums received by way of hire, rental or similar charges for the use of movable property or the right to use movable property in hong kong section 15

    因容許或授權在香港使用的動產,而以費、金或其他相類似形式所收取的款項。 《務條例》第15 ( 1 ) ( d )條
  17. Give you time to learn deferred taxes, marketable security accounting, leases, etc

  18. For financial leasing, besides the economical evaluation, also make the judgment from economical principle, safe principle, reliable principle and flexible principle. the third chapter demonstrates the advantages of aircraft leasing by analyzing the structure and participants of aircraft leasing in u. s and japan, as well as the different features in different countries. the last part of this chapter shows the revelatory conclusion to the aircraft leasing practice in china

  19. Valuation : valuations for purchase, sale, letting and mortgage for all types of properties ; statutory valuations relating to resumption, rent control, rating, stamp duty, estate duty, etc. ; valuations of company portfolios etc

  20. In this part, the definition and the basic theory of financial lease and the tax policies of foreign financial lease are concisely discussed. first, the theory of tax difference, the theory of debt substitutability, the theory of agency costs and the bankrupt costs as well as the documents reviewed, are made as the theory basis of the paper. secondly, some inspirations have been drawn by reviewing the tax policies of financial lease of the west, from which the paper received some instructive proposes for chinese financial lease

    這部分對融資的定義,融資基礎理論及國外融資租賃稅收政策三個方面做了簡要評述,其中, ( 1 )率差別理論、債務替代理論、代理成本和破產成本理論及對文獻的回顧為本論文研究奠定了理論基礎; ( 2 )在對歐美西方經濟發達國家融資租賃稅收政策的簡要評述中得到的啟示,為本論文研究我國融資相關的收政策的建議提供了必要的借鑒。