積雪場 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xuěchǎng]
積雪場 英文
ow pack
  • : Ⅰ動詞(積累) amass; store up; accumulate Ⅱ形容詞(長時間積累下來的) long standing; long pending...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (空氣中降落的白色結晶) snow 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(洗掉恥辱、仇恨、冤枉等) wipe ou...
  • : 場Ⅰ名詞1 (平坦的空地 多用來翻曬糧食 碾軋穀物) a level open space; threshing ground 2 [方言] (...
  • 積雪 : [水文] snow cover; accumulated snow; accumulation of snow; snows; snow mantle
  1. We realised that huge areas of the snowpack in the sierra went down to 15 per cent of today ‘ s values, says michael dettinger, a research hydrologist at the scripps institution of oceanography in la jolla, california

    加利福尼亞拉霍亞市斯克里普斯海洋研究所的一位水文學家邁克爾?德廷傑說,我們發現,在謝拉地區積雪場的大部分面已在目前的基礎上縮小了15 。
  2. The night was dark and starlit ; the road looked black in the white snow that had fallen on the day of the battle

  3. A spring blizzard blankets calgary with snow. born as a cow town, calgary boomed with later discoveries of rich oil and gas fields in alberta

  4. Armed forces cleaning up the snow on the station square

  5. Teams who have modelled the climate in the area are warning of greatly reduced snowpacks and more intense flooding as temperatures inch up during the 21st century

  6. The problem the snow causes influences the people ' s lives and impedes the economic development. meanwhile the transportation infrastructure such as highway intercity and airstrip needs a great amount of deicing salts to maintain the bare road. therefore from 1980s, many areas and countries such as north american, north europe, japan have greater and greater demands on the deicing salts, about 20 million tons per year, only japan needs 200 to 300 thousand tons per year

    在我國和世界上許多國家的高寒地區,冬季冰已成為嚴重的公害,引起的問題不僅給當地人民的生活帶來困難,而且阻礙經濟的發展;此外,城市高速公路,機飛機跑道等交通設施對冬季除冰劑的使用也日益迫切,因此,九十年代以來,北美、北歐、日本等多地區和國家,對融產品的需求量與日俱增,年需求量在2000萬噸左右,其中僅日本就需20 30萬噸。
  7. But in the model, warmer winters raised the snowline, drasically reducing the crucial mountain snowpack, the researchers told the amercian geophysical union in san francisco

  8. The characteristics of precipitation anomalies in summer, previous and simultaneous ssta and preceding winter accumulated snow depth anomalies corresponding to positive and negative phases of 10 - yr mode and 25 - 30 - yr mode are discussed respectively. no matter for 10 - yr mode or for 25 - 30 - yr mode, reverse characteristics corresponding to positive phases and negative phases appear in the above fields. it proves that the decadal variation of sah have a good relation to the decadal variation of other key element of climate system and we can regard sah as a strong signal of the anomalies in the climate system

    ( 4 )夏季南亞高壓東西振蕩具有明顯的年代際變化特徵,本文分別討論了對應於10年周期態的正位相年和負位相年及25 - 30年周期態的正位相年和負位相年時夏季我國降水距平、前期及同期海溫距平及前冬青藏高原距平的分佈特徵,發現無論是10年周期態還是25 - 30年周期態,對于夏季南亞高壓東西振蕩的正位相年和負位相年以上各要素呈現為很好的反位相特徵,說明夏季南亞高壓的年代際變化與氣候系統中其他要素的年代際變化具有很好的關聯性,可將南亞高壓看作氣候系統中大氣子系統異常的強信號,通過分析南亞高壓的年代際異常可以更直接地研究和預測區域氣候異常。
  9. It believes that norway will try that there be snow in the field

  10. The governor is urging motorists to stay home, so road crews can push tons of snow from area roads

  11. Western wisconsin residents are shoveling out after a snowstorm hit the region

  12. Road crews near denver are using artillery shells to blast piled up snow trying to make sure no more cars get trapped by avalanches

  13. However, all we can do now is making snow by snow - making machine to provide it for our tourists to ski. ”, said rordden, the manager of a skiing resort

  14. They drove through a muddy village, by threshing floors, and patches of green corn ; down hill by a drift of snow still lying near the bridge, up hill along a clay road hollowed out by the rain, by strips of stubble - field, with copse turning green here and there ; and drove at last into a birch forest that lay on both sides of the road

  15. In heavy snow years, there are marked anomaly of atmospheric circulation : on 500 height field trough of east asia is heavier, north - west flow after height trough is striver, so that cold air of eastern region is stronger following " cold winter '. spring rain answering to eurasia winter snow anomaly is notable, in heavy snow years, yangtse - river has negative rain anomaly

    在歐亞冬季異常偏重的年份,大氣環流出現顯著異常: 500hpa位勢高度上徑向氣流占優勢,東亞大槽偏強,高度槽后西北氣流偏強,造成影響我國東部地區的冷空氣偏強,出現「冷冬天氣」 。我國春季降水對歐亞冬季異常的響應最為顯著,重年春季我國長江流域以南大部地區出現明顯的降水負異常。
  16. Changbaishan enjoys excellent natural conditions with the maximum annual and daily snowfall as well as snow - covered days. the snow - accumulated period can last 258 days and the skiing ground can be used for seven months during the year

  17. In moscow as soon as he entered his huge house in which the faded and fading princesses still lived, with its enormous retinue ; as soon as, driving through the town, he saw the iberian shrine with innumerable tapers burning before the golden covers of the icons, the kremlin square with its snow undisturbed by vehicles, the sleigh drivers and hovels of the sivtsev vrazhok, those old moscovites who desired nothing, hurried nowhere, and were ending their days leisurely ; when he saw those old moscow ladies, the moscow balls, and the english club, he felt himself at home in a quiet haven

    在莫斯科,他一走進他那棟高古的住宅(它裏面住著已經憔悴和正在憔悴的公爵小姐及許多家僕)的時候,在他駛過全城,剛剛看見那金鏤袈裟前面的無數燭光的伊韋爾小教堂,看見那未被車子壓臟的克里姆林廣,看見西夫采夫?弗拉若克貧民區的馬車夫和茅舍的時候,在他一看見那些無所希冀、足不出戶地虛度殘生的莫斯科老人的時候,在他一看見那些老太太,那些莫斯科的太太小姐、莫斯科的芭蕾舞和莫斯科的英國俱樂部的時候, ? ?他就覺得自己置身於家中,置身於平靜的安身之處。
  18. In moscow, as soon as he entered his huge house with the faded and fading princesses, his cousins, and the immense retinue of servants, as soon as, driving through the town, he saw the iversky chapel with the lights of innumerable candles before the golden setting of the madonna, the square of the kremlin with its untrodden snow, the sledge - drivers, and the hovels of sivtsev vrazhok ; saw the old moscow gentlemen quietly going on with their daily round, without hurry or desire of change ; saw the old moscow ladies, the moscow balls, and the english clubhe felt himself at home, in a quiet haven of rest

  19. Luoyang station sought assistance from the local pla forces and armed police forces to clean up the station square and platforms so as to ensure passenger safety

  20. The park, sprawling over 3, 000 square metres 32, 290 sq ft of desert land in the gulf city of dubai, will include ski - lifts to take guests to five slopes of varying height and steepness. the resort with artificial snow will form part of a recently opened shopping complex, billed as the world ' s largest mall