美元危機 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [měiyuánwēi]
美元危機 英文
us dollar crisis
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  1. In order to be sure that the deposits would not be affected by the failure banks, the bank act was passed in america in 1933, which provided that the federal deposit insurance corporation ( fdic ) and the federal savings and loans insurance corporation ( fslic ) must be founded. thus a new epoch was ushered in the history of the modern dis

  2. Chapter three compares the advantage and disadvantage of some key money in the east asian monetary cooperation from the positive economics view, such as yen, dollar, rmb and the asian dollar. the author discusses the frame and content of east asian monetary cooperation, making a full review on the necessity and the possibility of china taking part in east asian monetary coordination

  3. Its banks are embroiled in the credit crisis ; and one of them, soci t g n rale, has lost euro 4. 9 billion ( $ 7. 1 billion ) in a fraud

    它們的銀行被捲入信貸;而其中的一家,興業銀行,在一樁欺詐案中已經損失49億歐( 71億) 。
  4. Instead of a financial crisis prompting a dollar crash, it may accelerate the unwinding of the imbalances that had the worrywarts so unnerved in the first place

  5. From japan he had smuggled out close to a million dollars of closelyguarded yen to explode a currency crisis.

  6. However, the credit tightening that has come in the wake of the subprime crisis ? which saw banks write off billions in mortgage - backed bonds after low - end mortgage holders defaulted on their payments in response to higher interest rates ? is more of a concern

    但是,次貸后發生的信貸緊縮更加令人擔憂? ?在低端按揭貸款持有人因加息而拖欠還款后,銀行沖銷了數十億的抵押貸款債券。
  7. This was what argentina did at the time of crisis in 1995 for the clearing balances held by commercial banks with the currency board

  8. This prompted a defensive operation by the hksarg, which spent hk 118 billion us 15. 1 billion buying the constituent stocks of the hang seng index

    面對這個,香港特區政府不得不作出捍行動用1 , 180億港151億購入恆生指數成分股。
  9. The defensive actions prevented a meltdown of the economy and saved hong kong s linked exchange rate to the us dollar under the currency board system from collapse

  10. The currency is also suffering because the credit mess is concentrated in dollar assets

  11. After the east asia financial crisis, east asia countries readjusted their exchange rate arrangement to a more flexible direction, but soon resumed the “ pegging dollar ” arrangement in practice

  12. Regulators worry that some of the complex financial instruments conjured up around the lending and borrowing of money ? worth trillions of dollars ? may sow the seeds of the next financial crisis

    監管者擔憂一些圍繞資本借貸構造出來的復雜金融工具? ?價值幾萬億? ?可能會引發下一場金融
  13. In october 1983, at a time of financial crisis and political uncertainty about hong kong s future, the hong kong government announced the decision to link the hong kong dollar to the us dollar at a fixed exchange rate of 7. 8 hong kong dollars to 1 us dollar

    1983年10月,本港面對金融及政治前景不明朗因素,港府因而決定按7 . 8港兌1的固定匯率,將港
  14. As the first signs of trouble emerged, the dollar even rose

  15. The hong kong dollar stood its ground robustly during the southeast asian currency crisis of the summer

  16. Ten years ago, during the asian financial crisis, hong kong monetary authorities fought with their back to the river to defend hk dollar by spending more than us $ 1 billion

  17. This means that for a one - year forward, the market is prepared to buy us dollars at 7. 81 instead of 7. 80 in the spot market

    7 . 80的匯價買入。但阿根廷的經濟不過令遠期匯率上升了不足
  18. A full - blown dollar crisis on top of a credit crunch and a weakening economy would be frightening

  19. The writer, an american financial consultant named douglas gillespie, went on : “ i remind readers that the stock market crash in october 1987 began months earlier as a dollar problem, that then became an interest - rate problem, that then became a stock market problem ? a very, very big stock market problem

    作者國投資顧問道格拉斯.吉爾斯帕寫到: 「我要提醒讀者的是,一場類似於1987年10月的股市崩潰已經從幾個月前的美元危機開始了,並變成利率問題,最後變成一場股市一場非常非常大的股市。 」
  20. On this basis, the text researches the present situation issue of rmb under the cooperative pattern of east asian currencies : probing into self - realization of contagious devaluation ". after one currency devalued in area, especially as one of international reserve currency japan yen devaluing, it can damage growth and stability of domestic economy if rmb continuously maintains to peg the u. s. dollar. and the current bilateral swap arrangement in east asia further falls china into predicament