至適溫度 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhìshìwēn]
至適溫度 英文
optimal standard
  • : Ⅰ介詞(到) to; till; until Ⅱ副詞(極; 最) extremely; most; utmost
  • : 形容詞1 (適合) fit; suitable; proper 2 (恰好) right; opportune 3 (舒服) comfortable; well Ⅱ...
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(不冷不熱) warm; lukewarm; hot; gentle; mild Ⅱ名詞1 (溫度) temperature 2 (瘟) acute ...
  • : 度動詞[書面語] (推測; 估計) surmise; estimate
  • 溫度 : [物理學] temperature
  1. On the basis of foreign documents, the dissertation firstly describes the morphology, taxonomy, and biological characters of cochineal insects. then, by using artificial climate cases in the lab, according to orthogonal design, 8 lands of combinations of temperature, humidity and light is set, while the temperature has four levels : 15, 20, 25 and 30, and the relative humidity has two levels : 60 % and 80 %, while the light also has two levels : 980 lux and 60 lux. through observations and analysis of hatching percentage, survival percentage of the first instar and during from the second instar to the adult, the population tendency index, generation life cycle, size and eggs of female adult, the development of the cochineal under different conditions is studied

    在收集、整理國外對胭脂蟲的研究資料基礎上,首先從胭脂蟲的形態學、分類學、生物學特性入手,進而在實驗室內利用人工氣候箱,應用正交設計方法,設計了4種、 2種濕、 2種光照梯的不同組合,通過測定胭脂蟲的孵化率、 1齡若蟲的存活率、 2齡若蟲成蟲期存活率、種群趨勢指數、世代歷期、雌成蟲的大小、懷卵量等生物學指標,深入研究胭脂蟲在這些組合下的生長發育狀況,應用數理統計方法,分析出、濕和光照對各項生物學指標的影響,找出胭脂蟲宜的室內培育條件,並為野外胭脂蟲的培育提供一定的理論依據。
  2. Firstly, the surface characteristic of polystyrene particle is changed from water detesting to water intimity by using special techniques and admixtures so mat the compound quality with inorganic materials is insured. secondly, the contradiction between the weight and strength is solved through optimizing the particle size and using composite fiber and the best heat conductivity is achieved under the condition that the necessary strength is met. in the research process, the author solved the problem of fiber dispersing in insulating materials so that the contraction of the material is controlled

  3. Effects of diverse environmental factors on the growth rate ( od4oo ) and nitrogenase activity ( ara ) of the strain w12 hi nitrogen - free culture were investigated in our experiments. the results implied that the strain w12 could easily adapt to different cultural conditions : it could use various carbon sources ( especially glucose, sucrose, malic acid, mannitol ), propagate quickly and fix nitrogen at a temperature range of 15 ? to 40 ? and at 25 - 35 ? for optimum, at a ph range of 4 to 8. 5, at a saline concentration range of 0. 01 % to 1. 5 % ; low nlv " concentration had little effect on its nitrogenase activity. ara could also be detected when it grow in the culture media with 5mmol / l ntv "

    W12菌株對環境因子的應性研究:無氮培養條件下,測定、碳源、酸堿、滲透壓對w12生長及固氮能力的影響,結果表明,在15 - 40下均能生長並表達固氮酶活性,其最生長及固氮的為25 - 35 ;能利用葡萄糖、蔗糖、蘋果酸、甘露醇等多種碳源生長並固氮,當培養基中同時存在蔗糖和蘋果酸時,細菌生長和固氮活性最強;在偏酸和偏堿的條件下( ph4 . 5 - 8 . 5 )均能保持較強的生長勢和較高的固氮酶活性,並能通過調節自身代謝平衡並應環境的酸、堿性變化,使培養液趨于中性:能耐受較高的滲透壓,培養液中卜、 5 naci濃對其生長和固氮酶活性影響不大,當naci濃2時,菌株的生長勢及固氮酶活性才有所下降:低濃的鉸對其固氮酶活性影響不大,在0
  4. Our garden hose is non - toxic, resistance to high pressure, corrosion and tension, high - elastic, flexible, smooth and long service life. it is high adhesion between the outside and the inside layer without de - lamination, rubber - like elasticity, compact, easy in unwinding / rewinding and handly. widely applicable to irrigate plant and flower in agriculture, garden, park and household, also to clean car, bus, factory, animal. etc

    我廠花園管具有無毒,抗高壓,抗腐蝕,抗拉伸,高彈性,外形美觀,使用壽命長之優點,特點是內外壁之間粘合好,無縫隙,彈性猶如橡膠,輕便,易卷易放.廣泛應用於農業,園林,公園和家庭的植物灌溉及汽車,廠房,動物等的清洗.: - 10+ 60攝氏
  5. Since all materials are subjected to expansion and contraction, " expansion joints " must be provided in any large structure to adapt to the change of temperature with the season, or even with day and night, otherwise the force of expansion would cause the structure to bend or break

    由於所有的材料都要經受膨脹和收縮,在任何大的建築中都需要提供「伸縮接合面」 ,以應隨著季節甚晝夜的改變而產生的變化,否則膨脹力就會引起建築彎曲或斷裂。
  6. People have to pay, of course, for the electricity they use and the gas they burn to keep their homes at just the right temperature

  7. Typically, these motors are conservatively rated for continuous operation in a fully submerged condition or for at least 15 minutes in a non - submerged condition

  8. She hopes that hrl staffers can eventually identify a “ goldilocks ” compound with sufficient adsorption capacity that will release hydrogen at 150 degrees c or even lower

    她希望hrl的工作人員最後可以找出一個最合的化合物,具有足夠的吸收能力,把釋放出氫氣的降到150 ,甚更低。
  9. The storage and usage of solar energy will provide you the most comfortable lighting, temperature and humidity according to different seasons, different climates and even different time within a day. meanwhile, the intelligence control system will store the data

  10. In the train compartments, ambient temperatures and humidity will be set at appropriate levels, and a quiet environment will be created by the attenuation of noise generated by train operation

  11. Optimum temperature in air - conditioning room

  12. Our bed elevators incorporate kones mms modular design, original kone control system, 32 - bit networking micro - computer, group - control for 8 elevators, vvvf drive technology and absolute value memorization of cars displacement. timely speed adjusting for the comfortable ride, running steadily, high accurate leveling, soft and warm decorations make our passengers feel human consideration. bed elevator with geared machine performs well and reliably

    引進通力mms模塊化產品技術,原裝進口全套通力控制系統, 32位網路化微機8臺群控vvvf變頻驅動轎廂位移絕對記憶按人體舒要求實時速調節,運行平穩舒,實現幾近零對零的平層精確,病床進出如履平地柔和馨的裝飾,讓乘客倍感無微不的人文關懷傳統有電梯,經典可靠採用來自通力領先業界的永磁同步技術的小無機房解決方案,節能環保節省建築空間和造價。
  13. Apparent temperature mentioned above was regarded as basic factor. and wind speed as well as precipitation was considered to be assistant factors. traveling comfort degree every 1 hour and 6 hours in the three cities from 1st to 3rd in june, 1998 was forecasted

  14. There are warm and comfortable standard guest rooms, executive suite in hotels, there are the restaurant, noble and magnificent karaoka disc honored guest s room in holy bold high restaurants, offer hong kong type guangdong cuisine and various delicacies to you, coffee shop, gu yitang, gift shop, recreation and fitness center, cosmetology, hair - dressing, commercial affair, ticketing service, travel agency, bank, goods, etc. form a complete set and serve various demands that can meet guests, set up the parking area of 1200m and large, medium and small meeting room, is the best place for commercial affair, travel, meeting

  15. According to numerous experiments of eih for air, the transient magnetic field has exerted certain influence on the thermocouple measurement. it is concluded in this thesis that the influence can be reduced or neglected with appropriate measuring parameters, which are fundamenta

  16. Because of the expedient modulation of curie temperature tc to room temperature, the larger dielectric - temperature coefficients, pst materials are favorable to be used in microwave tunable devices

    其還是一種互溶性較好的鈣鈦礦鐵電材料,其居里點t _ c可較容易地調附近,介電系數較大,是一種非常用於電場調節元件的材料。