至點圈 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhìdiǎnjuān]
至點圈 英文
solstitial colure
  • : Ⅰ介詞(到) to; till; until Ⅱ副詞(極; 最) extremely; most; utmost
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (液體的小滴) drop (of liquid) 2 (細小的痕跡) spot; dot; speck 3 (漢字的筆畫「、」)...
  • : 圈名詞1. (養豬羊等牲畜的建築) pen; fold; sty 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • 點圈 : dot ohart
  1. With the progress of technology and developing of internet economy in the world, the broadband network becomes another hotspot in internet field when the foam of. com comes to almost nil. with the beginning of new thousand year, hot waves of the broad band surge throughout the country, sorts of investors come and make huge expenses in a constinuous stream to make a majority of marketing lot and lead up the position of broad band market. however, when the net circuity, which is based on huge numbers of cash, is facing the consumers, market really does not redound upon the investors inexpection

    隨著技術的進步和網際網路經濟在全球范圍內的高速發展,寬帶網是繼? com "泡沫"破滅后網際網路產業的又一熱。新千年開始,全國各地各類投資商紛紛拆巨資"跑馬地" ,以期在市場份額上搶占寬帶網市場領先地位,但是當這些"巨額現金'堆成'的網路線路面向用戶時,市場並沒有給投資商們預期的回報,寬帶網運營商不僅投資回收遙遙無期,還要繼續燒掉大量的現金去維持網路的正常運行,大批中小型寬帶網運營商苦苦支撐,有的甚瀕臨破產。
  2. Because the fault of field windings turn - to - turn shorted do not cause much effect of the operation of the machine or its fault characteristics are not very clear, most of the faults are neglected

  3. 4. combined with the analysis of the hydrocarbon - generation history, hydrocarbon maturity, fluid inclusions, authigenic illites isotopes chronology and trap forming history, it affirms that jurassic reservoirs formed in three phases : the first in the late jurassic, which was the primary pool - forming phase, the second in the telophase of jurassic to cretaceous, which was the adjusting - destroying phase, the third in tertiary, which was the secondary phase

    4 、採用烴源巖生烴史、油氣成熟度、流體包裹體、儲層自生伊利石同位素年代學和閉演化史綜合方法,確認焉耆盆地侏羅系油氣藏具有三期成藏的特,第一期發生在侏羅紀晚期,是盆地的主要成藏期,第二期為侏羅紀末白堊紀的油氣藏破壞、調整和再分配期,第三期發生在第三紀,是盆地的次要成藏期。
  4. Then the aspiring reporter may break into newspaper work as a copyboy, running errands and helping staff reporters. he may even be given a chance to write small stories. sometimes students who are interested in news reporting can get jobs as campus reporters for local newspapers

  5. He saw that he was on the highest point of the island, - a statue on this vast pedestal of granite, nothing human appearing in sight, while the blue ocean beat against the base of the island, and covered it with a fringe of foam

  6. He was, however, the same cocl s, good, patient, devoted, but inflexible on the subject of arithmetic, the only point on which he would have stood firm against the world, even against m. morrel ; and strong in the multiplication - table, which he had at his fingers ends, no matter what scheme or what trap was laid to catch him. in the midst of the disasters that befell the house, cocl

  7. Use connecting wire to connect the assembly black - white and brown bundle respectively to the positive end and negative end of ignition coil

  8. Changzhou shenjia automobile electric factory, is specialized ignition cable, ignition coil etc. 80 % of the product are exported in usa, japan, england, southeast asia and the middle - east

    常州市申佳汽車電器廠是專業生產汽車高壓阻尼線、汽車火線等產品, 80 %以上出口美國、日本、英國、東南亞、中東等國家。年生產量達30萬套以上。
  9. ( 2 ) if the maximum degree of any pair of nonadjacent vertices is at least, then g can be partitioned into k subgraphs hi which hi is a cycle or a path ( 1 i k )

    ( 1 )如果任何一對不相鄰頂的度和少為n k ,則g能被剖分成k個子圖從(二三卜k ) ,其中從是或路
  10. A trap may not be full to the spill plane, a point of both local and regional significance

  11. The shield is typically metal foil that is terminated to a pin connected to some low impedance point in the circuit

  12. Nanbei lake scenio spot locates at the central area among the city group near zhejiang province, jiangsu province and shanghai metropolitan. after the completion of cross - sea bridge construction, the geographical advantage becoe more obvious

  13. It is particularly tricky when you write about management fads : the negative is in such lavishly abundant supply that tracking down the positive can be harder than searching for the elusive perfect christmas present for one ' s spoilt children

  14. Loose pivot points allowing too much clearance creating lap to lap weave, or if the roll rides to one side the material could follow under the right conditions

  15. As for snacks, you can buy some potato chips, onion rolls, and fried chicken